Tuesday, July 20, 2010

spoiled rotten...

so i'm having a cool morning. i get up, walk around. get dressed. walk around. play on twitter, text a few messages, look watch a little tv. walk around.

walk downstairs to head out the door when i realize i haven't taken my benefiber for the morning. which is a real bitch..but very necessary due to my new digestive problems i totally blame on these damn injections. so i reach in the fridge to get one of my water bottles. and there is sweat on it. which is weird, it's been in there two days. it should be very cold. my fridge is normally an arctic circle.

so i reach for another bottle (i have like 5 water bottles in my fridge, since i really don't drink anything besides water & juice). and it's warm. so i reach for the wine up top it's not chilled. i touch other stuff, nothing is cold. it's not hot, like the fridge has been off. it's just not cold. so i look at the settings as if i bumped them and turned them down. and they were set to 3 (where they always are). so something says open the freezer. something also said.."don't open the freezer". as i pulled the handle the first thing i see is brown ground beef laying in the package. "OH SHIT".

then i open and see popsicle juice dripping down the door. i see my cornish hens laying limp in the door of the freezer. i see like 4 more laying in a pool of salmonella on the top shelf. i see water from the frozen ice all in my freezer. ice cream boxes buckling over with sweat. my frozen dinners limp like they are full of jelly. i had bag, after bag, after bag of chicken swimming around in blood. chicken tenders, nuggets, drummets, fillets, wings, etc..about 3 more packages of ground beef all very brown and nasty looking. "OH SHIT"

i throw all the stuff away. mind you i haven't even open my fridge part back up. it took my 3 garbage bags. i throw away my eggs, bacon, lettuce, brats, butter, milk, etc..

i pull out the ice maker wash it out. wash all the shelves from top to bottom. once i get to the bottom and pull out the drawer. i see there is a pool of beige raw chicken soup all in the drawer. look under it, the popsicle juice, chicken juice, and whatever else rotten juices had made a baby of nasty juices in the bottom of my freezer. this shit can't be life...

now i'm waiting on the repair man. gotta go get my son, then wait so more. today was suppose to be a good day. it was going to be a good day. now i gotta deal with this bullshit. here's hoping that it's just a cooling fuse or some shit, cause if dude come telling me some crazy story i'm gonna have this shit sitting on the curb with the rotten food on thursday.


jazzyjaz said...

I feel your pain with this one because the same thing happened to me like a month ago but at least you figured it out. I was on vacation so when i got back home my house smelled horrible...I wanted to cry. I hope it all worked out with the repair and he fixed it because I had to go out and buy a whole new one plus more groceries. Now before i leave the house I run and check the fridge to make sure all is a go.

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@jazzyjaz: i'm saying my house has filled up with the rotten smell. i think by leaving the trash can in the garage, the stinch found it's way back inside. and it's awful. i'm in here lighting candles and shit.