Thursday, September 30, 2010

#twitterkills thursday 42

you ever been on twitter. and got like 12 tweets in a row from the same person. who was just typing and pushing enter and expected you to piece together their tweets to read a whole paragraph of their thoughts? i have. in fact i have a few people who are blogging on twitter.

#twitterkills thursday 42 topic of the week: it's twitter not a blog...

if you wanna to rant and rave longer than 140 characters get a blog. and the crazy shit is most of those folks have a blog. so why aren't they on that? yes you can have a conversation back and forth. if you make a statement. and someone replies. it's your twitter do what you like. but don't set out to type up a blog post on your twitter. still not convinced? check this out...

@bloggingontwitter: i think if you're gonna walk across the street when my light is green you should at least wait until no cars are this man walk
@JuiceBoxBunny: what's up ATL, did you win your football game?
@studiogenius: yea..but last night this dude tackled my ass back to third grade
@bloggingontwitter: ed in front of my car, and i almost hit him. the light was green..not red, not yellow but
@NVFreckles: if you tweet and you know, slap your keys...notice i'm not slapping my keys? #got2dobetter
@goldenmind_: the way to a successful relationship is: i talk, you listen.
@bloggingontwitter: green. the light was GREEN. so why the hell did he walk in front of me. i don't understand that. do you understand that? i mea
@KrazyLikeWOW: so i decided using red at my wedding is a no-go. my friend told me that incites the devil to pop out your wedding cake
@Melleaux: so...this parent that was calling me at 2am is not standing in my driveway. #911
@studiogenius: so i was at the strip club, and this dude bust out and starts throwing dimes
@bloggingontwitter: n i could have hit them. and worse yet, i could have killed them. what do you think they have crosswalk lights for. could you imagine hitting someone crossing
@bloggingontwitter: the street? that would be awful. not only would that mess up your car but it would totally ruin your day. i could have
@LuvlyMsKrissy: i've just bought like 4 pair of new shoes for my daughter. someone needs to walking 101 ASAP.
@bloggingontwitter: killed someone. you know how you see that on tv and in the movies. this must be how they feel...
@studiogenius: i wish @bloggingontwitter: would get on their blog and shut the fuck up on my twitter..#imsaying
@goldenmind_: LOL RT @studiogenius: i wish @bloggingontwitter: would get on their blog and shut the fuck up on my twitter..#imsaying
@JuiceBoxBunny: damn ATL, is it that serious?

yall feel me? please yall let's take the commentary to blog. and limit our angered fueled tweets to reckless stupid statements. like..."i hate when i don't get cheese on my cheeseburger". or "i shaved my eyebrows off, now i look like Powder with a tan". you'll get more "shit..i hate when that happens.." than you will with a whole story that by the time you get to the point no one else will care about it. reach over...*types* P O W (a message should start playing that in 20 seconds you & your computer will explode)


Isis said...


when i'm in blogging on twitter mode, i make stand alone statements & never more than 3 or 4 so BOOO YAOOOOO

xxxx said...

lmao i have alot of those on my timeline and you know what i do... UNFOLLOW THAT ASS.. one occurrence is bad enough but when you do almost every damn day, now you just being rude and annoying.. haha

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@isis: ok...3 is the limit. 4 is overkill. you get #twitterkilled at 4. deal?

@xxxx: yea i need to start exercising my right to unfollow too lol