Thursday, September 2, 2010

#twitterkills thursday 40...

so today's #twitterkills thursday 40 topic is : text me when you tweet others...

@studiogenius: you ever had to text someone back you didn't want to cause they follow you on twitter & you wanted to tweet to other ppl? #twitterkills

yea..well this happened to me today. i was the one waiting on a text back tho. and the person who was supposed to text me is notorious for tweeting and not texting folks back. like seriously. they will tweet all day long then play the "i was on the cpu".. i didn't have my phone shit. they are also notorious for taking long periods of times to reply..only to reply with simple shit. and survey says these are the people who get mad at you for not replying back in a timely matter to them. i'm just saying..

so i did an experiment. with every text reply i checked their tweets. it was tweet. then a text. then tweet. a text. then a tweet. @reply. then text. then tweet. then a @reply.another @reply. then a text. put like 20-30 minutes in between each text. but the combination of the tweet+@reply+text is like seconds. lol. you could mortal kombat finish somebody. this shit is annoying as fuck. it's like..ok. if you don't wanna text me back..then don't. cause waiting for you to have your twitter conversations to get "what does that mean?" 30 minutes later is "punch-you-in-the-throat" annoying. 

so *wrapping a rope around my body...jumping over a fence...tying it to a tractor trailer..jumping back over the fence...tying it to you* #twitterkills...beep beep.

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