Friday, September 10, 2010

love notions..

it started with a note. as you reached down in your purse, you pulled out a yellow slip of paper folded into a heart. as you opened it, and read: "you know i'm missing your right now? love you, beautiful"... as you smile and wonder to yourself how i got that note in your bag, without you noticing. hopefully it made your day a little better. as we play text tag throughout the day. my last text to you is: "i can't wait to see you..."

as you pull up into the driveway and walk to the door. you notice a piece of paper by the doorbell: "welcome home". as you open the door you're greeted with a card: "follow your nose.." . as you proceed around the corner and into the kitchen. you see that dinner is almost ready. as you sneak a peek, you notice it's your favorite... with a note: "i aim to please". as you walk over to the counter where you see 11 red roses, surrounding a single white rose with a card that reads: "like you, there is always one that stands out in the crowd..". i catch you by surprise, as i sneak up behind you. and whisper "hey" in your ear. you probably were expecting something super romantic, but i pick and choose to tease you with my simplistic greeting.

you put your hands on mine, as i wrap my arms around your waist. i whisper in your ear again: "you hungry?". you nod. i tell you to have a seat at the table. as i pour you some wine. "tell me about your was work?" we talk, until dinner is ready. we eat, we drink, we converse. sounds like the perfect night huh? "you ready for desert?" you smile and give me the *i'm too full* look. but i insist and get up, and return with a plate. i put a plate in front of you and instead of a desert there's yet another note: "not quite edible, but it's still sweet..upstairs is where you'll get your treat". yes, a little corny, but a perfect transition. as you walk upstairs you see a towel with a note on it: "follow the your bath", as you see the rose petals leading into the bathroom. as you walk in you see a bath drawn with candles all around. with a note: "get undressed, get in & relax". you follow directions well, and after about 10 minutes i walk in with another surprise. a big, warm chocolate brownie, chocolate covered strawberries, and a scoop of ice cream. i don't know if your more excited to see me or the brownie. i sit on the edge of the tub and  begin to feed you. "it's good? like it?"

when you're done, i get your catch me staring, but you like it. i wrap the towel around you and tell you to turn around. you see a note sitting by the sink: "go lay on the bed..". i can tell by the look on the face you know what's coming. but i surprise you again..when i walk out the bathroom with massage oil in my hand. starting with your feet, i work my way up. slowly.  front & back. slowly. i get back on my whispering game.."how does that feel? i know you've had a long day. i just wanna make you feel good". i can tell it's working. as i start adding kisses, caresses, singing along to the music playing. i reach over to the pillow and pull out one final note:

"let's make love.."

[day #5: sweet talk week]


Anonymous said...

Ur killin me.... :::fans face::::

F said...

Too cheesy for me, sorry... I was never one for notes... The brownie on the other hand? ANY DAY, ANY TIME. :D

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@anonymous: i'm not trying to kill

@f: no apologies. it's not for everyone. but i'll pass you the brownie..all brownie everything.

Krissy said...

You and I are ::here:: on the romance thing so u already know I'm digging this! And I'm a sucker for whispering. Specially when he's saying all the right things! *swoon*

Nice buddy, very nice! This earns you a *get out of timeout free* card lol. Just this once tho.

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

Damn I was smiling and blushing while reading this like it was for me....SMDH. You have such a way with words!!

sunshinestar110 said...

I was reading this wondering why no has done any of that for me..*sobs* never the less i loved it made me blush as if you were talking to me!

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@krissy: why thank you..and cool cool *putting the get out of time out card in my back pocket*.

@starrla monae: that's what i wanted. lol. thank you for reading it the way i wrote it..

@sunshinestar110: lol..there you go DC getting all emotional & stuff..i'm glad you read it the way i intended you to.

Tauni said...

Awww I want my valentine days to be like that! I didn't get nothing nada no hand made note nothing, I bought him a dog-_- <----and quickly kicked his butt to the curb......But I did go out and buy myself a 4 foot freaken teddy bear dangit! lol