Tuesday, September 21, 2010

question time...

humor me tuesday. we've all heard of frankenstein and the bride of frankenstein. now none of us want a mechanical or created by dead body parts counterpart. but what if you could order up the perfect man/woman. question of the week:

Q. if you could build the perfect man/woman what would they consist of or look like? how would they act or treat you. what would they be like? what would they do or not do?

think about it..don't rush and just answer physical things. don't ignore physical and just answer personality traits. remember this is for fun. so you don't have to wreck your brain. don't think too hard. you aren't creating the person for real & won't be stuck with them. so you don't have to be exact. but you can be as detailed as you want. if you like them tatted up, scarred up, big moles by their mouth. if you want someone with kids or no kids. if you want them to share a similar background history. whatever.

think of it as creating a sim (i know yall have either played or heard about the Sims). you pick the personality. you pick the features. you pick their life. i will describe my perfect woman in a blog following. Again, the anonymous feature is activated so all yall scared to share with the class can opt for that.


Monique said...

Physically - the body, build and look of Blair Underwood, the smoothness and giving spirit of Denzel, eyes like Michael Ealy that pierce my soul, a voice like Vin Disel that purrs in my ear, the intellect of Hill Harper and the love of family and down-to-earthness of Boris Kodjoe.

Personality - kind, giving, loving, family-oriented, spiritually grounded, driven, has morals and values the same as mine or similar, agrees to disagree, appreciates the silent times, affectionate, intelligent without being condescension, confident, proud, a great sensor of humor, enjoys lazy Sundays, embraces challenges head-on instead of running from them, willing to talk about issues and his feelings, loves to entertain (I have a big family. LOL), can cook, helps out around the house, will love me even when I look my worst, involved in community and charitable organizations, understanding.

sunshinestar110 said...

hmmm i think this is a hard one because if you could build/and or find the perfect mate for yourself would you really think they were perfect after they cater to all you want and need?

but if i had to put together my ideal mate he was be tall basketball player tall 6 5' and over, dark and handsome lol... athletic body and straight white teeth.. a couple of tattoos to mate my fetish I have to agree with Monique up top with the intelligence of Hill Harper but the family man like Will Smith. I think he would have to be the total opposite of me just to balance things off. Loving understanding and compassionate. Has to understand that sometimes i spit daggers and say some crazy things but its just who i am. has to be witty and calm to go against my aggressiveness. A huge caring heart and a sense of humor because my friends and family are crazy. He has to know how to pull his weight contribute to the household duties and if he can cook and like to do so that would be great because i'm not a big fan of it. Most of all he would love me no matter my mood, look or opinion...just pure love.

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@monique: your ass been watching the event..lol. cause you would not have used blair underwood as an example. no way in hell..i feel you on all of the personality qualities. i'm totally missing you on the physical. makes me want to scrub my eyes out.

@sunshinestar110: i mean it's impossible to build a perfect person. God, didn't even make us perfect. so i def get what you're saying. it would probably be the, "i still want more" complex we have even when we have people in our lives that are more than enough. truthfully, people never appreciate what they have till it's gone. and never know the things they THINK they want aren't really what they want till they get them.

i'm def feeling the "pull your weight" and the "pure love" aspects. personally i don't want my woman to work. but i feel like there are other aspects of life where she could/should pull her weight. and yanno i'm a sucker for love, so i don't even have to get into that.

Krissy said...

For me there is no perfect man physically. He just has to be taller than 5'3" ( my height). He can't to too slim. I don't want to feel his ribs. And he must have all his teeth! I'm melting over nice smiles.No braids! And just overall well groomed. He knows how to dress for any occasion and his closet doesn't only consist of sneakers and white tee's.

He's funny and intelligent. Knows how to interact with anyone and has his shit together personally. He's lived life and has learned from it and never forgets to put God 1st.

He treats me like te queen that I am. He loves Jas like she was his own. He encourges me and supports me. He's spontaneous but he always likes to lay around the house nekkid just like me. We make eachother laugh. We have inside jokes. He loves my cooking and he cooks for me in return. Family means the world to him and he's open to expanding it. My family loves him as he loves them. And he doesn't think its weird that we don't argue. He's someone I can learn things from and him from me. And he wants to be with only me. I'm the only woman he desires. He's down to get sexy with me anytime because I'm always ready. And he's open to try new things with me( like tying him to the bed frame lol). He loves me and shows me as well as tells me. He interlocks fingers with me randomly and rubs my thigh while he drives. He loves that I'm affectionate because he is too. Down for board games and UNO and Down for sports and halftime sex.

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@krissy: i'm mad you said, "he has all his teeth" do you run into 7 y/o's or 70 y/o's often? how many guys do you meet without teeth? i'm saying..lol. i already knew most of our stuff would be similar cause we tend to think a like. cept the "not arguing part". i still think that's unnatural as hell lol. but you all tying dude to bed frame so i guess i wouldn't be arguing either..unless i was left there overnight.

Monique said...

What? Please I've loved Blair as long as I've loved Denzel. I have a thing for older men. This youngin's do nothing for me. LOL

Krissy said...

Dude! I get all kinds! A dude tried to holla at me and he was missing a front tooth! A fucking front tooth! Therefore it goes on the list! Lol

And if u were being tyed up and torch. . .teased then you'd have no arugments I bet lol. Lover said I can't tie him up tho because he doesn't want to scream like a bitch. . . * hangs head and kicks rocks*

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@monique: not doubting your love for blair..just saying dude has been MIA for years..you wouldn't have thought to reference him if his ass wasn't back in action. lol

@krissy: you & your toothless dudes..smh. and. actually if a chick torched me..i'd def complain. lol. I'm mad you put dude on front street and said he's be screaming like a bitch. you going crazy like that huh? smh *calling 911*

Krissy said...

I was gonna type torchered lol but its not that bad lol. Its just teasing. And those weren't my words. He said that himself. Lol I died laughing . I'm sure there wouldn't be much scream *innocent face *

sushiela said...

ok so since this post is i guess old news now...i will try to be brief...

looks depend on the person. i tend to like a guy who is bulkier than me...and i tend to like my muscles accompanied by some fat. but i want a guy who is strong enough to pick me up & i'm far from a light-weight. other than that...if your skin is reasonably clear and your teeth aren't too fucked up, i will probably find you attractive.

most likely dude would be black...if not, have respect for black cultures.
if he is black...i want it to be accompanied with pride and some sense of pan-africanism.

a guy who knows he was put on this earth to do more than make money or survive.

critical & analytical mind, but that drive to see the drive to see the good in all people & situations.

respect for women, family. partnership & family are goals.

passionate. not (just) in terms of sex or romance, but in terms of his personality. has things/concepts/beliefs/skills he is truly passionate about.

affectionate. a "freak"...comfortable in his sexuality, enjoys sex, open-minded, creative, minus unrealistic expectations. truly desires me.

be on that homeluvafriend status...can go from "nigga shut the fuck up" to "i love you babe" in the same sentence.

supportive. don't do everything together, but all aspects of our lives are open to the other b/c we genuinely enjoy & care about each other & want to build a life together.

Qu33n Kam... said...

Physically: my perfect physical guy would be Omari Hardwick he is gorgeous to me wooo! If I can have him ill be straight but if I can't he should be tallr than 5'3" but at least 5'7" lol, good hygiene smells real good clean shaven, he can be thick I like that he doesn't need a six pack just aslong as he looks good. "Swag" is important it can go along way lol. He dresses nice has style and has an attractive face that's all I need.

Personality: smart smart smart! I love nerdy nice guys like the white guy on criminal minds and the asian guy on law and order turns me on cuz they are so smart. I like a guy that can school me on stuff.

I like a guy who is rational and understanding someone who gets me . I don't like asswholes or mean guys that doesn't attract me u can be funny cuz I looove funny but don't be obnoxious. I like thoughtful kind sweet guys. Relaxed but can have fun and is open to new things. Protective and genorous, money wise but not cheap. A true gentleman chivalrous. And can be silly sometimes cuz I'm silly sometimes. God fearing and spiritual believes in love and wants to raise a family.

A freaky guy whose whole sexual goal is to get me off as many times as possible before he does. His sexual pleasure is to make sure I'm pleased. Spontanious and open minded has respect for my open as I do his and isn't confrontational he isn't always looking to be right or start a fight. Someone who is romantic and creative and who wants to spend all his time with me if it were healthy lol

I can keep going on and on but this should do lol