Saturday, September 11, 2010

no interruptions...

let's turn the cell phones off. and computers too. tonight. no tv.  my eyes on you..girl. music playing softly. i wanna hear you's been a while since we've had, a chance to do our thing..girl. phone calls feel good. but nothing like the real thing, yea..yea. long distance love affairs. can't wait till the weekends. hope your flight wasn't too long. really hope you like this place. oh, it's a beautiful view baby..but nothing like your face...
 -Eric Roberson : Weekend Getaway

i know i've been busy. it's been a long week...i apologize if you feel lost in the shuffle sometimes. i'm sorry, if i don't call enough or show you enough attention. but, tonight is your night. it's all about you. so turn off that tv. power down your cell phone. get off the computer. tonight's about me and you. tonight we're gonna dance, let the beat of our hearts be our music. can i sing to you?

"you're my lover. my lady. all night, you make me. want's drives me crazy..."  musiq - so beautiful

what about..

" me..thanking. God..for you. you got me. telling my mama. and my friends all about you..and i daydream, of you. touching. holding. kissing. as i'm sweating with you...came right on time...girl..every word of this song's gonna be about you.." raheem devaughn - you

a little old school?

"i want want me. i want you..and i want you to want me too....want you to want me baby...just like i want you...bada dah dah.."  [marvin gaye- i want you]

why you giggling? yanno you like it. let me entertain you. we don't need no radio, no slow jam tapes, or i-pod docks. all we need is each other. me and you. that's enough.

can i tell you a secret? i want to kiss you..oh that's not secret enough? well, i want to kiss you all over. whaaat? can't fault my mind for racing all over the place. you shouldn't be so sexy. but for real..tonight i want to do things to your mind & body that you've never witnessed, felt..imagined. real talk. no game. no gimmicks. no bullshit. 

i just want to look at you...undress you with my eyes. caress you with my kiss. touch you with my thoughts. i'd love to kiss you there...there...there..and right there. as i tease that spot with my fingertip, the one behind your ear. the one that makes you lean your head back and close your eyes. i can tell you like it, because you aren't even fussing at me for having my hand in your hair. or my other on your... well you know where it is. . . and i can't wait to kiss you there either. 

excited yet? cause i am. want me to strip for you? will you strip for me? i wanna watch your candle lit silhouette slowly take it all off for me. your body is beautiful, you are beautiful. i can't help but think how lucky i am. and how much i want you. i don't know if i said it out-loud or not, but i'm sure you can tell. come here let me profess my love. i'm gonna whisper sweet nothings in your ear till you have a eargasm..mental foreplay is just round one..tonight i'm gonna give you 12-play...and go 12 rounds before i knock it out..

don't worry, i put the sign outside the door. there will be no interruptions..

[day #6: sweet talk week]



Anonymous said...

Let my count down begin! Lover should be home soon :)

Monique said...

I'm done. LOL

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

....I'd be assuming the position lmao...don't you judge me.

sunshinestar110 said...

*sigh*....thats all i have to say!

Freckles said...

if love was a mixtape... I would let it play all night and even most of the day.

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@luvlymskrissy: lucky you. lucky you.

@monique: done?..already? lol..

@starrla monae: no judgment..just trying to see where they do that at...*hoping on a bus*

@sunshinestar110: i'm sure you are in "no interruption" central right now..

@freckles: i love your comment. gonna have to steal this one. lol..