Tuesday, September 21, 2010

creating my perfect..

so if i'm pushing buttons on the "create a chick" machine. what exactly would i add, subtract, want, need..etc? hmm..

i'd create a woman who only speaks when spoken to. one that cooks & cleans. has a body out of this world and has sex all day.

welp, that was easy! lol

i'm just kidding (or am i?) i guess i'll start with the obvious. looks. i'm not really picky. i'm more of an equal opportunity type of guy. i think the only thing physical i'm a sucker for is a woman with a pretty face. to me a face is something you can look at 60 years later and still see that same person you fell in love with. pretty big brown eyes. just do something for me. i dunno what it is. but they do. i can just stare in a woman's eyes forever. pretty smile. pretty lips. just all face everything.

body wise..she just has to look good in her body. as long as her body looks good on her, it'll look good on me. height/weight doesn't matter. she doesn't have to be a size zero, 2, 8, 14, 18, etc...it doesn't matter to me. she doesn't have to have a video hoe's body. as long as she has something to grab on. i want to grab on something. not gonna lie she can even have a "either or" body too. either a lot of ass & little breast or a lot of breast and a little ass. to have a both..is like having dessert twice in the same meal. it just would spoil me crazy lol.

now if i'm going to throw personality in the mix. she has to be down to earth. i'm not a opposites attract type guy. yes, i attract opposites all the time. but we clash like hell. i don't like clashing. that doesn't bring excitement for me, at all. i'm a homebody, so i like someone who just enjoys my company. someone that can be around me and happy. we can make our own fun. self sufficient. i want a woman that i can be stranded on an deserted island with and we never run out of things to do or talk about. i want a woman who listens, but also has her own opinions. i love to debate, and love a woman who doesn't back down. she has to be able to hold her own with me. i respect someone who respects my views and beliefs. i feel we should be equally yoked. have things in common, from background, upbringing, education, child rearing, religion etc...now i don't expect to find a woman who grew up with the huxtables a parents, lutheran, studied engineering, etc..it doesn't have to be exact at all. we just need to connect on a similar level. she has to want the same things i do or at least be able to compromise. someone who'll get on the "we" train instead of staying on that one way "me" train. i also like a secure woman. meaning, she knows who she is, what she wants, and that she's beautiful. i find when a woman is secure in these areas..everything is less about her and more about what we can do together. she isn't worried about other women. she isn't carrying baggage. she can take compliments. she doesn't feel inferior or superior to me. we're equal.

what she gotta do to turn me on? just be a woman. i think there isn't anything sexier than a woman. although, i'm not a fan of prissy chicks. i want a woman who's not afraid to break a nail or get her hands dirty. work out in the yard with me. one who'll play two on two basketball against my parents with me. one who's down for whatever. she has to like things i like, not everything but be open to things. be my spades partner. watch a football, basketball, baseball game with me. spend hours losing to me at scrabble. i'm not attracted to "dumb chicks". intellect turns me on. i enjoy a woman who can stimulate me completely. one i can teach. one that i can learn from. one that introduces me to new things and is open to me doing the same.

i'm one of those "freak in the bedroom"/"lady in the street" type dudes. i want my woman to carry herself like a classy chick. all the getting slushed, being out in the clubs, hanging with wild ass chicks..you can miss me with that. but when we're home i want her naked. all the time. as little clothing as possible. cause i'm a very visual person. i think a chick looks cute in my t-shirt and sweats. but i think she looks sexy in her t-shirt and her panties..i opt for sexy over cute. i do like attention, but only require a lot if i'm not getting enough affection. not saying a woman has to be overly into me. just one who understands i need to be wanted, and she should show me that. she should be very affectionate. i love affection. i need a woman who loves being around me. loves flirting with me. whisper in my ear. sing in my ear. bite my ear. i'm definitely a touch me/tease me kinda guy. just a woman who makes you feel desired. makes you feel like a man.

must haves...

a woman who can cook or will learn. a loving nurturing person. someone who is good with children. loves them, wants them, will help me raise my son. be very family oriented. believe in God. pray with me. support me. she has to think i'm funny. i believe when a chick stops thinking you're funny..the end is near. she would know how to express herself. not be afraid to tell me she loves me. not be afraid to let others know she loves me. pda is optional, but nice. she'd love sex (with me only). be faithful. she'd accept me for who i am, and not try to change me.

that's not too outlandish is it?


Krissy said...

Your list is awesome and reasonable and all the things you deserve buddy! I bet if my dude has to describe me his list would look a lot like urs.

xxxx said...

aint nothing wrong with what you asking for..

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@krissy: thanks. i can appreciate that. because i've been told some of the things on this list were unreasonable. i think it just varies from person to person.

@xxxx: thank you. i do think there's anything wrong with it either. but yanno how folks hate to give you what you want lol..

sunshinestar110 said...

I love that fact that your perfect woman is so possible! I just knew you were going to have no outrageous demands...I'm sure all that you ask for is out there and i hope you find her!

Monique said...

what you are asking for is very much reasonable and realistic.

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@sunshinestar110: thank you DC. I appreciate that. you're being so nice..now I'm getting scared lol

@monique: I'm glad you think so. you'd be surprised how many times I've been told "i'd never find a woman like that". more surprisingly by women.

sushiela said...

1st lmao @ 17 lucious holes...wtf

lol...i feel you on a lot of this, either in applying it to what i want, or applying it to what i offer--the naked part made me laugh...cuz i'm always naked, & i always want to go to sleep naked w/my dude, regardless of whether or not we're gonna do the do. i just love that skin-to-skin contact & i love to look @ his body.

i feel the same way about the "wildness" factor. the way i act when i'm single vs. when i'm in a relationship i take seriously are totally different. i expect/hope for the same from a guy...i'm not saying don't have fun. i'm not even saying don't get sloshed...but i gotta be able to trust that you.

wait maybe i should just respond to your original post.

Qu33n Kam... said...

This is a perfect woman because she exist and really all a man really needs. I wish all men thought this about their dream partner a lot of people I know couldn't think of these traits because they don't have them. I'm looking for a man who respects a woman like thi because even tho I'm I feel I possess a lot of these qualities and I'm growing to be a better woman everyday. Where can I find a man like u like seriously where do guys like u hang out lol please give me an idea where I can start

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@sushiela: don't hate on the 17 lucious holes lol. that's exactly what i mean by the wildness. i feel like there is a way you act when you're with someone vs. when you're single. there is a line.

@qu33n kam: lol..there are guys who think like me all over. usually they are the "nice guys" who get passed over. and i agree..i think a lot of times when guys can't phantom these kinda traits in a woman it's because they just don't know how unimportant all the other shit they "want" is. to me it's about necessity. what i need. i need her to be for me, what i'm trying to be for her.