Wednesday, September 8, 2010

claim me...

i don't care who knows i love you. in fact i want everyone to know i love you. i want to find the highest mountain, so i climb it and scream your name. i wanna get your name tatted on my forehead, neck, hands, chest, legs, every time someone looks at me they see you all over me.

i wanna carve your name and mine with the heart around it. scribble your name with my last name all over my driveway with sidewalk chalk. i wanna cut out paper hearts with our names on them and put them in all of my neighbors mailboxes. i'll even get on twitter and get put in twitter jail for tweeting it too much. i just love you. and i don't care who knows. if you're my woman. and i'm your man. what's the problem? if you aren't ashamed of our love. if no one else matters but me, who cares what they think. yes, we may fight. yes things might not always be perfect. but who's in this relationship...them or us?

luther vandross said it best..

"your secret love..why can't we tell somebody..cause secret loves, never last as long. your secret love, will never be your true love...i can't be your secret's breaking my heart"

you don't wanna break my heart do you? then stop acting like you got something to hide. i have to admit i'm beyond jealous of people who exclaim their love for others. i know that sounds real gay. but i'm serious. it's something about someone being proud to be with you. someone appreciating you. someone not afraid to tell anyone that they're in love with you. and they just don't care. it's like..whatever. you can judge my relationship, the person i'm with, the things we're doing vs. what you're doing..and i simply don't care. do you know how sexy that is?

i'm not talking about the overboard, "i got a man" shit. i'm talking about the woman who sincerely gets excited to be with her man. one that grabs my hand, when another dude walks by. that's her, "i got a man" line, not a ring, not an excuse, not a detour. one who smiles every time she talks about me. one who talks about me and you can feel the love pouring off her tongue. i want to make you feel like that. i want you to be so overcome with love you can't keep it to herself. because that's the way i love you. i'm the type of guy that when i get a real girlfriend all my friends already know what's up. my mama already knows your name. my female friends know that i gotta see 'em when i see 'em. i talk about you even when i don't realize i'm talking about you. i think about you all the time. i have no problem claiming you. no problem incorporating you in every part of my life. if my biggest regret is letting people know how much i love(d) you then i regret nothing.

everyone should know my name, not just your neighbors..

[day #3: sweet talk week]


JStar said...

:) This put a smile to my face....I KNOW thats right :) Thats what I am talkin about right there!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I loveee people to know I'm in love. Like not in a ugh she's over the top and rubbing my face in it type but just don't mind people knowing about it. When I'm happy you can read it on me anyway so I don't have to say much. I also love when he calls me his lady to people. Makes me smile.

DaBossBitch said...

I hate hiding love. :(

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

That'll be me one day. I wholeheartedly agree.

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@jstar: i'm saying. if you want it..claim it.

@luvlymskrissy: yea i can tell..i can read it all over you. that's a great thing..

@dabossbitch: me too. i think it defeats the purpose.

@starrla monae: thanks, and let it be you next time. you'll see what a rush it'll give you. a lot of times women are cautious. they think that they are being to "chicky" and bragging and that leads to ppl looking down on them if it doesn't work. but who cares. i'd rather ppl know i'm in love and capable of loving someone than worried about the same single people looking down at me for being single after the fact.

Freckles said...

i talk about you even when i don't realize i'm talking about you


I heard the heck out of that.

♥ CG ♥ said...

Wow, sorry I missed this gem but am glad I stumbled across it. Perfect!

Tauni said...

LOve this one..... You have any clones? LOL!