Thursday, April 1, 2010

#twitterkills thursdays #20

ok... i was gonna be on some april fools shit, but i decided that would be too cliche. so instead i'm gonna touch on some shit i read this morning that makes me give a big wtf, are you serious...only on twitter look of disgust.

today's #twitterkills thursday..goes out to Lance Gross & Eva "whatever the fuck her last name is cause she's not really famous". only reason i know his last name is because my girlfriend "knows" him & tries to act like she don't think he's cute..(although she and I both know he's been terrell carter's roommate on the madia bus of manliness).

topic of the week: if you break up with your girlfriend/boyfriend..please not only unfollow but block their ass.

no brother, YOU just played yourself.

this is something i wanna drive through some of yall heads. if you break up with your significant other...STOP FOLLOWING THEM ON TWITTER. stop that shit. NO, what they gotta say is no longer important or valid. NO, you don't have to know what they are talking about and WHO they are talking to. NO, it doesn't matter if they dedicate an entire day of tweets to you..FUCK THEM. you are NOT together anymore. this just feeds into them KNOWING you're checking for them. it also makes you look thirsty because it's like...yall broke up..she playing the "moving on" card and you're acting all jealous on fucking twitter. daniel son (ninja = nigga) please.that should have been a TEXT if anything. along with a picture of some chick slobbing on your knob. and trust...she would have recognized it was your knob. don't play with chicks that like to play for attention. i had this once chick who used to make up shit online to get my attention. like huge stories to see if i had spies or was watching her talk about me. and even though some of the shit got back to me i NEVER said shit to her. that drove her incredibly nuts. like "i'm doing all of this for you to pay attention..and you're not". umm..bitch. i have a phone & some ears. just call me and tell me yourself. i do NOT get jealous of regular shit. i get jealous of irregular shit.

like if a bum off the street slap your ass, i'm ready to beat his ass. if your friend who i've told you for 3 months isn't really gay tries to kiss you. guess what, when he kisses you i'm not jealous. i'm just single....bitch.

let me tell you where lance went wrong. he gave eva the power to know she got his ass. now his "private pleas" to get her back are now public. but if they get back together everyone will be like.."that punk..".no winning dude. you can be a sissy and act all thirsty in private. as long as the only person making fun of you is her to her're alright. but if someone else catches you being over. same goes for swizz & mashonda. and everyone else saying shiesty shit about their exes back and forth. yes..if yall are fighting, ok (don't wanna act too hasty). but broke up, divorced, separated...UNFOLLOW. stop playing yourself. and stop being amusement for others..cause we're laughing at you. yes...even your mama is laughing at you. dumb ass

*reaching in madia's purse*.....POW POW POW you heathen.


★Starrla Monae☆ said...

Ppl break up and still want to follow their ex on Twitter to be nosy. They will tweet subliminal shit all damn day to get someone to feel bad for them and the situation but will still go lookin' for shit on the exes page not being prepared when they find something that's going to #grindtheirgears. POW to nosy ass muthafuckas!

Supastarrr said...

you're pretty much always right.
Going at each other in a public forum
is NOT wassup! It's mad childish.

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@starrla monae: i'm with's all about being nosy. and to me, as soon as we break up my desire to know anything about what you're doing, who you're with is gone. it's something i may wonder, but it's nothing i wanna see or hear you bragging about. i also don't want to waste time fighting with you. and fighting with you with an audience does nothing for me. hence all my fighting will be off twitter/online networking

@supastarrr: thanks. it so not what's up.