Thursday, April 8, 2010

#twitterkills thursday #21

i like to encourage higher education. i'm so happy all of yall are doing, "big things" and getting your education. but if i gotta read one more tweet about college being hard i'm gonna reach in my computer/phone and give you a damn job.

today's #twitterkills thursday topic is: tweeters who think college is hard..

um. ok. let me see if i can explain this. yanno how when you hear someone in fifth grade say, "dang..i got to write a 2 page essay by the end of the year..." and you're thinking, "that's nothing wait till you get to middle school..". then someone in middle school says, "dang i gotta read two books before christmas break.." and you're thinking, "that's nothing wait until you get to high school..". then you graduate and someone says, "damn this algebra II is hard as hell..." and you're thinking, "that's nothing wait until you get to college". well guess what? when you complain about studying, doing a paper, or having a test..yanno what someone who is working and supporting other folks is thinking?..."shit, that is nothing wait until you get into the real world..".

i know at the time everything seems stressful & harder than anything you've ever done. and hats off to those of yall getting your ph.d's, masters, pre-med, law school etc...yes. yall are stressed the fuck out. but all yall freshmen or undecided majors. get-the-fuck-outta-here with that hard shit. college is the easiest grown up shit that's gonna happen to you. especially yall mofos who are going to school, parents are paying and you ain't got no job. you have NO right to complain about school if that's the only thing you do all day, sorry. and i know some of yall are sitting there like, "fuck you have no idea". that's the thing. i do have an idea. you aren't the first person to go to college.

this isn't about people who say.."i'm up all night studying". this is for the people who want some kinda medal because they woke up and went to class this morning, "i trying to drag myself to this class...". wtf?'s only 45 fucking minutes. get your hungover ass up, semi dressed, & go to class. fucks wrong with you?

*pow* @ you, *pow* @ the dude sitting in front of you, & *pow* at your teacher too..

oh..and yall mofos who have graduated college but still act like your in it. *POW* in the face. something else great will happen in your


MzAuNatural-Beauty said...

LOL! I'm laughing cuz i'm this person.. EXCEPT, I'm the ONLY one paying for my college edu, I live 3hrs away from home, have no support from family, AND i have my own apt, so I'm working full time, and in school full time and shit.. ALGEBRA IS HARD! LOL

birdie said...

Man, to be 18 again and have no worries other than making it to class on time. Just thinking about it makes me smile and depresses me, all at the same time.

The real world is TOO real. They'll learn.

RoByn LaTice said...

lol. I'm the one complaining about getting up for class....[nt bc im hungover..just lazy]but I always say college is easy as hell. Easier than anything I've done...except having to get up on my own..[I know, I know..*pow* to] & I have a major, not a freshman..and plan on getting my masters! :) but ALL of my friends act this itself is not hard at all.

sushiela said...

LOL! i was so that was like the worst time of my life.

i think, with the exception of law school & med-school, all my fellow lifelong learners who are doing the master's or phd thing agree that grad school is way easier than undergrad.
well, except for the people who went to some super easy low on the intellect school...but for those of us who understand what "rigorous coursework" means...

undergrad is some bullshit. you got all these students who come from their lil racial/socio-economic/cultural bubbles of homogeneity so when they see someone different they do ridiculous shit, like spray paint nigger in your room when you are down in the cafeteria. then you have racist professors who use subjective grading standards to reinforce their beliefs about what races or ethnicities or classes of people are capable of producing quality scholarship and which aren't, then you have to keep fighting the same battles the alumni before you have been doing for decades, having to EXPLAIN why the history of people not of european descent is a worthy subject of study, worthy of funding, worthy of a department, fighting losing battles about why you need faculty of color other than cleaning staff & administrators of color too...
undergrad was my first experience of being on the wrong side of structural racism & classism...1st exposure to the black woman's version of "it's lonely at the top" and realizing that there are not enough males in your school to date..
then you balance that with all the regular coming of age shit like learning how to work & go to school, balance a budget, write papers about the nature of capitalism while the institution you & your parents are going in debt to pay for is buying up all the real estate and pushing people out of the only housing they can afford, and reducing the wages of ppl who work in the stores nearby to 40% of what they once earned, so that the store owners can pay their steadily increasing rent while still making a profit...

then you got the school paper making jokes about how you, as a black person, are descended from monkeys...and you realize how college is some bullshit, the work is easy, it is not some magical thing that transforms you from teenagehood to adulthood, it doesn't suddenly make you prepared to do every job in the world, there's not even job realize there's no safety net and life is something like a crap shoot

but you are carrying the weight of your family's hopes & their debt & their sacrifices cuz on one side you're the first to go to college & on the other side of the family you're the 2nd...

and you just be like fuck this is not for lightweights...

but by the time you get to grad already know the game...usually by then you know enough to pick a school that will support your research so it limits the amount of battles you have to fight. you've learned that school & your social life are 2 vastly different worlds. being the darkest person in the room doesn't phase you. in grad school your weeks are not punctuated with news of another student at your school, or a neighboring one, who recently committed suicide.

but then...i guess every college is not the ivy league...or nyc from 2001-2005

i promise my next response will be way shorter.

jazzyjaz said...

Lol....I need to forward this my baby brother because thats all that he talk about on his twitter and i've been over it!

Beyond Danielle said...

ABSOLUTELY! I think everyday I wish I could quit and go to school. There's nothing out here more stimulating and interesting that learning. I could do it forever.

It's coming to work doing the same thing day in and day out then knowing that all your money is already accounted for. So for extra money you most likely have to get an extra job. More money more problems that's what brings me down. And it's sad because unlike elementary, middle, highschool, and college the real world never ends

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@mzaunatural: big up to you then..and algebra is NOT hard...wait till you have to take other math courses.

@birdie: exactly....they have no idea.

@sushiela: no reply limit over here, rant as much as you want to. everyone while in college thinks that shit is the worst. then they get out and they're was i complaining about? it's not just ivy league or nyc schools. i found a big difference going from morehouse to ga tech. it was a completely different school environment & experience. grateful for both, but i can see how both could skew your opinion of college.

my con for hbcus you don't connect you to other races. it gives a sense of exclusiveness. you think that the world is represented through your eyes when it really isn't. they help you and coddle you and make sure you get through a lot better than a non black school...but that leaves you in the end looking for someone to do that for you once you get out of school as well. and unfortnately there aren't as many "big boys" from hbcu's as there are from ivy league and traditional state schools. so the "hook up" rate is not as high.

my cons for traditional state schools. is that you are a speck in a sea of diversity. there is nothing special about you. you have to claw your way to the top and stay there. and pretty much show them you belong there. there is no coddling. there is no one looking out for you. it teaches you about the real world, but it throws you out in the sea with no life raft. your survival is left up to you.

@jazzyjaz: to him this is the toughest shit in his life right now. i'm only talking shit because i've outgrown it and i'm over it. but back when i was in school..yea i thought that shit was hard too. but now....shit..

@beyonddanielle: yup..the "career college students" have figured this shit out early. there is nothing like just worrying about "learning" or reading a and like you said real life NEVER ends..never ever (till you die that is..)