Thursday, April 29, 2010

#twitterkills thursday #24

ever been on twitter and got the feeling that someone on your timeline doesn't get that it's just twitter?

#twitterkills thursday topic of the week: social media & branding whores.

you ever felt like you were watching a commercial on twitter? like every 3 tweets from a person is a link to something. personally i try to block most of the spammers. if you add me and your most recent tweets read:

@imabrandbitch: maximize your wealth
@imabrandbitch: grow a whole 3 inches instantly
@imabrandbitch: i got 300 followers in 3 minutes, because of twitterstalker

yup, you get blocked right away. i don't even bother. or if you're following 6,039 people. yea, i don't waste my time. the point of following people to me is getting to know people and enjoying their entertaining 140 characters. so i'm not a fan of mass followers who just follow you for numbers. so if you're peddling your "brand" go some place else cause i'm not interested.

the other offenders. the people who JOIN every social networking fad. yanno the formspring folks, the 4square folks, the tumblr folks,twitterscope, myspace, facebook, etc.. if you have an account on every social network, go shoot yourself. there is NO reason why you have to be linked to everyone in the world. you are NOT missing out, by not being on ONE social network. if you are constantly looking for things to link you to others you are a social media slut. you need that shit to feed the desire of being "in the know". and that right there sounds like a 2010 OCD waiting to happen. watch and see people will start checking into "social media rehabs" soon. i've already saw a mother who admitted to neglecting and even IGNORING her children because she was always on her phone or her computer checking out what everyone else was doing. which leads to her....NOT doing shit herself. stop it. i want to save your life today. if you have to be connected to everyone. if you have to be linked to everyone you know on everything. then you are doing too much. there are people who like connecting with others. and there are people who just do shit to be connected. if you bitch about people having their location tied to their tweets, why the fuck are you on 4square? it's the same shit. if blogs are JUST people THINKING their opinions were golden. why you got a tumblr? if you got a problem with people sharing personal shit on twitter, why you got a formspring? why do you even read people's formsprings, blogs, tumblrs, facebooks etc..if you got a problem with them? oh, because if you don't you're missing out on something....right.

a fad is a fad yall. if you join some shit because it's new and you want to check it out. ok. be like normal people. if you jump on some shit and it gets fun, start neglecting the other shit you were on previously. find a balance but don't go hardcore on everything. don't check everything every morning before you brush your teeth. don't be on everything daily like it's what gives you life. and if you complain about everything. if you criticize everyone else, evaluate yourself first. i'd much rather be a pompous blogger that THINKS people care about what i got to say. then someone who cares about what everyone else has to say and being "in"on a fad to be a part of the crowd.

i don't do this shit to look cool, i am fucking cool...bitch -@studiogenius

now sign up for me to shoot you..


Isis said...

if i know anyone who falls into this category i'm oblivious to it but i appreciate your anger/annoyance.

however, i do have to say...
i dunno if you know what i do, but since
my job has become so instinctual to me that it really feels like i'm getting paid just to be online for 8 hours. so i am CONSTANTLY looking for some shit online to entertain me. i am so that person who has an internet "routine" of checking diff websites (this blog is 1 of them) to keep my mind distracted from how mind-numbing my job can be.

Beyond Danielle said...

and yes you do have interesting enough blogs to consider yourself a pompous blogger who ppl really do care about what you have to say

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

LMAO @ "social media slut"...some people do get so caught up in all of the social networking hoopla but it gets to be too much to keep up with afterwhile. I don't see how they do it.

Epiphany said...

I TOTALLY agree with you. A few weeks ago, I stopped getting on Twitter simply because I don't see the point in it and everybody be pressed about it. BUT, I'm not going to lie, I do be on Facebook most of the day to see what everybody be saying and to put a few comments here and there (don't judge me lol). I don't go overboard like other people do, though.

hightopsandpearls said...


tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@isis:think you missed what i was saying. there is nothing wrong with checking sites, and surfing the internet while at work or just bored. i'm talking about people who aren't content with their day until they have seen what all 200 of their facebook friends have said on their walls. or reading back all the tweets they missed while they were sleeping. there is a difference in seeking entertainment, and needing to know what all your friends are doing, eating, wearing, etc..

@beyond danielle: gee thanks. lol@ me being a pompous blogger. what i was saying was...that's the attitude people have with bloggers. but then they themselves care & listen to what other's say. they just want to hate on you, because it's you.

@starrla monae:i'm media sluts, fit. because they just everywhere. doing/saying/clicking on everything. i don't see how they do it either.

@epiphany: lol@ you. my thing is, there is nothing wrong with checking up on friends. it's just the point of HAVING to know what people are doing. going through 3 or 4 friends pages to see what their conversations were about. sometimes it's just too much.

@hightopsandpearls:..shotsfired? @ you? lol. not really talking about anyone in particular with this post. it's moreso the people who just overdo it. overdo the quest for "what you're doing.."