Thursday, April 22, 2010

#twitterkills thursday #23

ok. today i'm gonna be a sharp shooter #twitterkiller. you ever had that one person who used others to make themselves seem important? like when they had tons of followers. their avatar was all professional and shit. and then you follow them and it's like W T F. yes, a lot of celebrities do this daily. once you find out they are just as lame as yall, you're thinking.."why does anyone follow them?..."

today #twitterkills thursday topics is: "important by validation...".

you ever read into someone's tweet and figured out they are just putting on for twitter? not really lying. but if you really read their shit you'd realize they couldn't be as cool as they say. like no you never said you were at an exclusive party. you just said you were sooooooo drunk last night and saw all these celebrities but all your tweets said they were tweeted via web. all night long. so were you at home, watching the bet awards on dvr, drinking? i'm saying...*cue crickets*

it's like what is the point. . . there is no future in your fronting. even people who have tons of things they are doing. always out at some club twitpicing themselves with all the celebrities. if you want to convince me you're "cool" with them. show me one with them at your house. or you at their house. or yall playing cards. or yall laughing candidly. cause you in the club with the peace sign next to trey songz screams you're gay dude and you just stalked a dude to get a picture with him. it's crazy cause this one dude who follows me..i work with his cousin a few times a month. he will tweet he's hanging out with his cousin. and i'm sitting in there working with him. it's like dude.."why your cousin lying on you man?". what's the point? why do you need someone to validate how important you are? be important by yourself. do important shit that makes you special. i have much more respect for someone who has earned my friendship because of who they are vs. who they know. those aren't real friends. "networking" and knowing someone important doesn't make yall friends. i don't take anyone seriously who ask me for a "hook up" real talk. the second you ask me for a favor before we actually know each other i discard you to the "user bin". sorry. networking is for lazy people. there are people who, "get in because they know someone". and there are people who get in, because they earned it. who do you think gets more respect?

go lay down. *pow*. oh you wanna get up huh? go get some importance fool...*pow-pow-pow*


sunshinestar110 said...

PREACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *passes collection plate*

F and M said...

"cause you in the club with the peace sign next to trey songz screams you're gay dude and you just stalked a dude to get a picture with him."

LOL!!! Hahaha... This was ridiculously on point. Not much else to add...

Epitome said...

I think people take networking in the wrong way too. I see networking as being introduced to someone in which both parties can benefit. And before I'm helping anyone with anything or giving them an intro to any of my contacts they def have to show and prove. Nobody is giving out legs up for free. Pay your dues first jerkface

Beyond Danielle said...

LMAO..... people really put on for this internet stardom. I just wrote a post on this. The problem is they really believe they're this cool.

Isis said...

lol @ this, & the smiling bloody bird. yay for the MC Breed reference.

semi-related: atlanta ppl trip me out.
up north, somebody truly famous & talented can show up at a club and nobody cares.
down here people hype cuz diamond shows up at a club or braggin they went to h.s. w/wacka flocka. no diss to either, but who gives a fuck, except other people who wanna be "famous" for being just as uncreative as they are.
everybody stuntin...everybody wanna be "famous"...but "famous" in atlanta is very often "irrelevant" everywhere else. smh it's just too much.

hightopsandpearls said...

I'm gonna need these folks to get a life. That is all.

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@sunshinestar110: thank ya kindly..

@f and m: i'm saying, yanno how many dudes got pictures slumped over an r&b dude that they'd usually call gay and say they didn't listen to. but see them in the club and now they homeboys.

@epitome: networking was meant to be mutually benefiting but it's not used that way anymore. it's more of a "come up" for one of the parties. which if you feel like mentoring more power to you. but when ppl aggressively try to make you help them it's like..gtfoh you don't know me like that dude...

@beyond danielle: yes, they think they are cooler than cool..

@:isis: it is a and i hear you. but i think ppl in the south pay more attention to everything. it's more of a "we're hanging" with this person. vs. up north where yall aren't as friendly. so it's like, "leave me alone".

@hightopsandpearls: i'm gonna need that too. that is all x 2.