Thursday, April 15, 2010

#twitterkills thursday #22

you ever encounter a fool just for sake of being a fool? you ever just want to @reply someone and say, "chill the fuck out!" or "shut the fuck up?"

this weeks #twitterkills thursday topic of the week: "why you so mad, it's just twitter?..."

i'm attacking the angry tweeters this week. the soapbox tweeters. not the "one day" ranters. or the "trending topic inspired this.." tweeters, but the all out angry tweeters who are just mad for no reason. i know yall got them on your timeline. those negative neds & nancys. they just wanna be mad about everything. everything is an issue. everything requires tons of tweets, until someone @replies them back in agreement or against them so they can be angry so more. it's got to the point the usual offenders i don't pay attention to ANYTHING they say anymore. it's like if you see a lot of tweets you know it's just some bullshit. yea..them.

what the fuck are you mad about? like really. seriously?...this is the internet. our only opinion about how to perceive you is through your tweets. so imagine that kind of person we think you are. and it's worse with the negative person is a friend, friend of a friend or yall used to be real good tweet buddies. it's like i can't unfollow their ass either. so you just deal with that shit. until they get all mad towards you. then you just gotta get stupid on twitter like them.

@angrytweeter: i hate life, i hate everything about life....
@studiogenius: then die lol (the lol was added to make them THINK it was a joke)
@angrytweeter: die? wtf you threatening me on twitter
@studiogenius: chill out was a joke (kinda but not really..)
@angrytweeter: you know what i hate? i hate when people joke with you when you're being dead ass serious
@studiogenius: i thought you said you hated life? oh..and everything about life?
@angrytweeter: see that's what i hate..when people think their funny
@studiogenius: oh so now, you hate people who think their funny, not life?
@angrytweeter: i'm logging off twitter before i blow something up
@studiogenius: l.o.l. frowny face
@angrytweeter: fuck you @studiogenius
@studiogenius: geez...why you so mad?

i wish i could just blow up their computer or maybe they just need a hug. everyone...*HUG* with me. next time your @angrytweeter tweets some mad ass shit just @reply them a *HUG*, bet you it pisses them off. just try it. they don't want no *HUG*. they just want some *HATE*. so for those hating ass angry ass tweeters..POW pow POW pow POW pow POW *stand up while i shoot you* POW

i will be catching up with the blogs & comments. been sick these past few days. but it's my birthday today so i decided to come out of bed rest & #twitterkill some fools.


Supastarrr said...

Happy Birthday, get well!
lmao "stand up while i shoot you".
smh i unfollow those fools. i don't need negative bullshit on the internet, just entertain me.

sunshinestar110 said...

*sigh* u know i had to put that first....I hit the unfollow button often on those fools....its just twitter damn Its can't be not serious and personal if you post certain things like i hate life then you are looking for attention and when they finally get it they don't know what to do.

Happy Birthday Again Old man!!! Hope you feel better by the time the weekend drops on ya so you can party it up or boo love which ever it is for u!

MzAuNatural-Beauty said...

Happy birthday!!!!

Epiphany said...

Happy Birthday!! And I hope you get weell soon :)

JStar said...


tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@supastarr: thank you & thank you. and i agree just entertain me. i hate negative & depressing people. they just pass that shit to you like a std or some shit.

@sunshinestar110: yes i know *sigh*. and i'm with you about the attention seekers. it's like people who try to commit sucide. these are the same people. they are screaming out for help. but the kinda help they need is not gonna come from an @reply. thank you..and i enjoyed my boo love.

@mzaunatural: thanks, hope you had a safe & happy birthday yourself.

@ephiphany: thank you...i really need to get well. my chick had me out in the pollen infested air yesterday and feel a relapse of allergy problems coming on.

@Jstar: thank you kindly