Thursday, December 3, 2009

#twitterkills thursday #3

#twitterkills thursday topic this week: #trending topics...when you try to deny what you're tweets say daily.

i know we've all seen it. people doing those damn #trending topics. i mean look i even start off #twitterkill with a hashtag. i make up my own hashtags all the time in fact you've probably seen me kill a few
: #hoestat (my favorite), #youaintfoundshit {christopher columbus}, #dopeyachtboyfresh, #imsohappy, #pancakegamesexy

it's gotten real popular to "get in on the what everyone is talking about". and also to entertain people with your foolishness. yet, sometimes something goes very very wrong.

the other day #sidechickawareness was a trending topic. that's nothing unusual. when comparable #whywomencheat & #whymencheat also up there on the trending boards. yet, i noticed a lot of self proclaimed "side chicks" we're going off on their fellow "side hoes". it's like i don't have no problem with you expressing your opinion, but you can't say "what his girl don't know, can't hurt her" one day. then trend "if you sleeping with a dude, and you ain't his ain't shit #sidechickawareness".

ok, is it just me. . . or does this #sidehoe need some awareness her damn self? how you gonna be sitting there being a jump off side piece talking about another chick? just saying, don't shit where you sleep. cause today you're again talking about how you're mad dude can't get away from his chick to give you some time. i the only one who sees this shit?

i tried to indirectly shoot you a bird (#twitterkill you) yesterday, but today i might just have to retweet your #sidechickawareness tweet and put #youasidehoe next to it.

#youasidehoe #youasidehoe #youasidehoe #youasidehoe #twitterkill



sunshinestar110 said...

Those side chicks was killin' me in the hell do u be so very proud to be a side piece jump off?...thats just not my style if i ain't #1 then i don't want no parts of it...smh @ side chicks when will they learn

insushiwetrust said...

all this sidechick/cheatin ass nigga pride is such a downer. nobody believes in love anymore, everybody's just gettin paid.

but re: side chicks:
if you are doing you, bein the lady pimp/trick, be happy with that...but don't piss on other people's parade just because they may have something you want and fear you'll never have.

not to say that every straight woman's dream is to be wifey, but i believe the women who are happy playing the field are doing so without the need proclaim how ahead of the game they are, and how "main chicks" got the game f'd up.

i find the whole conversation tiring.

Beyond Danielle said...

#sidechickawareness you lay down with dogs you catch flies.

the.kisser said...

why did i just belly bust laugh at that? LOL
there are some trending topics my ass will not be apart of, and frankly seeing some people do it, is annoying as hell!


tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@sunshinestar110: they'll learn when they have a man they think they have all to themselves and he has a side piece. it's one of those things where it has to happen to you for you to realize how you shouldn't be doing it. that or they just grow the fuck up.

@insushiwetrust:it's very tiring. and i agree. same goes for dudes. don't go picking off another dude's chick just cause you want what he has. more times then not you can't give that lady what he's giving her. and just dick grows old fast, especially cause it don't pay the bills. same could be said for the ladies. getting it here & there aint making your breakfast, taking care of your kids or home everyday. learn from tiger..just go to sleep in the driveway and go back in the house. lol

@beyond danielle: yup...and bring them back home and infest your own house.

@the.kisser: i'm saying..there are a lot i won't participate in. although i see where they could have started off alright. some ppl take them too far.