Monday, December 28, 2009

letters to my exes, stalkers, current & potential loves

i jacked this from MzAuNatural-Beauty, check her blog Truth On The Rocks!. i thought it was real interesting and at the same time a good way to let it all out. so here's my letters to my exes, stalkers, current & potential loves:

first letter, is to my exes:

yanno how we left it. yanno why we left it. more times than not, it was your fault. more times than not, you regret it. it's over. i'm not sorry. you get what you give. and you're missing me, thinking about me, wondering what your life would have been like if you stayed with what you get. no, there are no hard feelings on my end. most of yall were some bitches. even if that isn't who you are now. even if it was, "i was a bitch in the moment". either way you slice the were/are a bitch. to the one maybe 3, that were unfortunate to follow up after a bitch was in my life. i apologize. i apologize for not being in my right mind to see how wonderful you were, or to recognize a real woman when she was in my face. more than likely it's the bitches who'll assume i'm talking to them. but know..the one's who became exes at my hands did so because i wasn't emotionally ready to be with you. the one's who become exes at their own doings, did so because more times than not you were selfish. you wanted me & something else. and once you got the something else without me, you saw my value. too late. stop texting me randomly out the blue 3 months later telling me how you miss me. and can we be friends now. that shit is weird and uncomfortable. what if my new chick got that text? wait, run that back. it don't even have to be about a new chick. i shouldn't have to see no shit like that. since when has it been cool to send someone some shit like that, like we've been talking back & forth. just because your life is in shambles doesn't make it my problem. you want the kind hearted guy you treated like shit, to reply back with..."wow, it's great to hear from you..." get the fuck outta here with that shit.

next letter is to my stalkers:

hey stalker,

ooh, i just tweeted..did you see it? yea i know you stalk my twitter. i know you read my blog. it's cool. trust me, i have lots of stalkers. ppl tend to think i'm making that shit up till they witness the text messages & phone calls. or the strange tweets, dm's, & emails. truth is, there is no reason to stalk me. you can add me. you can communicate back & forth with me, i'm not gonna bite. most of yall are exes or a nosy girlfriend who think you'll catch me talking about you. but the thing about me is, there is NOTHING i'd say on here that i wouldn't say to you. if i called you a bitch (above letter) trust, i've called you a bitch to your face/ear/eyes (depending on how we were talking..). if i complained about how you won't do this or that, trust i've said it to you. you just don't like it when you can't respond. because if you respond i KNOW you're reading. catch22 huh? there is NO way your nosy ass see a link on my profile and haven't clicked it. and you know i'm talking to you @.... ain't gonna put you out there like that. just saying. you ain't slick. just be for real. stop being a stalker. that is NOT how you make someone like you.

third letter is to the ladies only after my "long john silver":

dear fuck buddies anonymous,

i know these days you ladies are more open minded about sex. i know yall will admit to opening the barn door a little more frequently than of yesteryear. now we don't have to estimate your "#" + 3, we just gotta add 1 to whatever you say it is now. it's cool, i feel you. but i'm saying. as much as i'd love to be a hoe, it's just not in my dna. i'm preconditioned to want more from a woman. sorry, should have caught me like 9 years ago. i'm just saying being a fuck buddy is not on my agenda anymore. sorry ladies. the big oak has left the building.

forth letter is to my current/potential/future love:

you see what happens when you become a ex, stalker, or a fuck buddy right? lol.. learn from that shit. treat me with respect & i'll do the same. i'm not hard to understand, because i've learned from past mistakes. i've learned what not communicating can do to a relationship. i've learned what being bored can do to a relationship. i learned what not really loving someone can do to a relationship. yes, there are stepping stones to get to those levels..but once you've stepped on them don't digress. don't back peddle when someone else has invested their heart & time into a relationship with you. just love me. love me with the love that God intended you to share with me. don't short change me, because i won't short change you. i have a lot of love to give, and if your fortunate enough to be on the receiving end, you'll never need any from anyone else.

i want us to connect on a level that is uncharted. i want the love you feel for me to be unlike any love you've ever experienced. i'm willing to make that happen for you, if you're willing to make that happen for me. i want a friend. someone who knows me, who wants to know me more. i want you to smile cause you know what i'm thinking. finish my sentences cause you know what i'm gonna say. end a fight cause you know you were wrong. tell me to calm down and be quiet, cause we both know i'm wrong. i want you to know how much i love you & what extremes i'd go to to make you happy. and i hope you can the say the same.


the YOUNG LIONESS said...


this is that shit! I'm dying right now

sincere yet blunt was the feel you must have been going for

Beyond Danielle said...

I don't think I have it in me to write a letter like this. I'm the girl you talk about that shit ain't work out and I'll be a better friend after it's all finished. I might call a month later just to see how you've been. But one thing about me is I never go backwards when it's done it's done.

the.kisser said...

that was great! very telling and oddly vulnerable. i loved the last letter, great articulation..*tearing*


MzAuNatural-Beauty said...

Hee hee! lol, I love it!!!! This is so awesome! Like ppl thought I was a nutcase for writing my letter but foreal it was something that needed to be written!!!! Do you feel better?

Hater Von G said...

Interesting, cool concept... too hard for me to do. I don't understand relationships. I keep telling myself I'll just KNOW when I'm in a real, healthy, loving relationship.

I like the letter to your current/future girlfriend. I could say the most cliche thing, "I wish there are more guys like you." but I won't because I know there are tons out there with the same mentality. I guess most aren't as open about it as you.

And as for the fuck buddies... I've fallen into that category many times. Honestly, not because I want to be people's fuck buddy, but because Im stupid enough to think that just maybe ole dude will end up falling in love with me. It never works out.

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@the young lioness: thank ya kindly.

@beyond danielle: i never go backwards either. if we're really broke up, we're really broke up. if you tell me you don't want to be with me, don't ever "try" to come back.

@the.kisser: thank ya kindly as well.

@mzaunatural beauty: i do feel better. thanks for the inspiration. after all i jacked this from

@hater von g: aw thanks, and you can write one too. probably would help you to air it out. actually has let me get a little off my chest. and i do agree with you, you will know when you find a healthy loving relationship. it'll be so much easier then all the others.

RoByn LaTice said...

lol..I'm going to do this on an upcoming post. This would def make me feel better!