Tuesday, December 15, 2009

TMI blog award...

twice in the same day?..lol. aiight this one was courtesy of the.kisser kissthepen, this is the TMI blog award.

TMI blog award rules

*post the award on your blog
*list 8 things a voyeur / peeping tom could potentially catch you doing if
they were watching you (not restricted to a sexual manner..)
*award up to 8 bloggers who match the criteria this award
*make sure they know you enjoy peeping through their windows

as for the 8 bloggers i enjoying peeping at. i'd have to say everyone i comment to. i honestly read your blogs, honestly think about my responses. it's not just a generated.."that was great". i thank yall for sharing yall shit. cause that's all i'm trying to do myself. so i pass this award to all of yall. if i don't interact with you it's probably because you're not really trying to interact with me. not blogging for fame, name, or game. just blogging my thoughts, feelings, & issues. if you don't do the same, eh. . .

8 things a voyeur or peeping tom would catch me doing, if they were watching me:

1. being a dad. that's me the majority of the time. acting silly for my son. running around being the tickle monster.

2. being frustrated. i'm frustrated probably 40% of the day. various reasons. i always have a lot of shit on my mind. life, love, career..etc. if you we're watching me you'd see me thinking a lot.

3. being lazy. more than likely if someone was watching me they'd get bored as hell cause i'm a homebody. if i'm not working or doing something for someone else. i'm lounging around in my drawz watching tv. i make sure i have all the comforts at home so my venturing out the house will be limited.

4. working. the other side to me. that's really all i do all the time. even when i'm on twitter. even when i'm at home. even when i'm doing a million & one thing i'm always working. ppl who know me always complain that i never take time for myself to just enjoy time. i'm always thinking about work. always thinking about what needs to be done. i'm a work-a-holic, inherited that trait from my dad.

5. stroking & choking. no further explanation needed.

6. starting home projects around the house. ppl walk in my house & ask me who did this or who did that. again another trait inherited from my dad. i'm constantly doing something like putting in floors, changing fixtures..my long overdue project is building a bar. been trying to get around to it for a minute, just haven't had time. i'm an avid DIY & HGTV watcher.

7. dealing with a life changing illness that has totally changed my outlook on everything. never thought i'd have something folks ask you to donate to finding a cure for. i still don't like talking about even to friends or family.

8. clipping the fuck out of my big toe nail. i get hangnails like crazy. my big toe after i'm done is 95% big toe meat, 5% nail.


Mel said...

So you really think I'M going to do it huh? Hmph... We'll see about that...

Beyond Danielle said...

EEWWW @ bigtoe meat. I hate cutting my toe nails short that shit hurts. Sounds like my day tho. I think I might participate in this one.

~Sheila~ said...

Now you have me working on ANOTHER one...
I'll be sure to get on it...fo sho!

Hater Von G said...

I was going to post a thoughtful comment, but now all I can think of is toe meat. Seriously yum.

My son is scared of the tickle monster. He prefers to pretend that I am a dragon, and if I do not do what he says, he slaps me in the face with his thick plastic sword.

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@mel: again..yes i do.

@beyond danielle: toe meat is a serious thing. it sucks cause you can feel everything against it. socks. shoes. the sheets. just makes it awful till it grows back, then it's time to cut it again.

@sheila: thank you. farmville & facebook can wait at least 10 minutes before you check statuses again.

@hater von g: aww. i'm sorry my toe meat took away the thoughtful comment. although i still enjoyed your comment. i wish my son would slap me with a plastic sword. he just throws his backyardigans at me from across the room.

the.kisser said...

you have to actually show the award...lol. (i didn't give you a big yellow, shiny star )especially for those who will participate in it...lol...smh.


tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@the.kisser my bad..that was just my gold star award image, didn't know I was suppose to use your image. I'll switch it out. Someone (me) doesn't follow directions great.

Mel said...

Though I want to, I'll not do it just to spite you :-P

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@Mel: to spite me is an awful reason not to do it...really it is. *showing dimples*..