Thursday, December 10, 2009

#twitterkills thursday #4

what's up, what's good?...#twitterkill thursday rant of the week: ppl who got their own heads up their ass on twitter..

i dunno if this annoys anyone but me (a good chance it's only me...). but i hate when ppl get on twitter and start acting like superstars. famous bloggers, internet rappers, singers, songwriters, etc..

i'm not hating on your hustle. my beef is with the self obsessed tweeters. i honestly try to give them the benefit of the doubt. but i'm so tired of hearing that you're hanging out with this person or that person tonight. it's like..everybody in the damn club is hanging out with them tonight. in fact they tweeted.."come hang out with me at..." that does NOT make you important.

telling me you're a songwriter and hitting me all up in my DM's asking me a million questions..dude. who the fuck are you? the reason you are DM'ing me is because you're trying to get put on, not the other way around. then you go back on twitter and act like you making all these moves. dude i see you. when i go to walmart and you greeting me (i'm not hating, everyone need a job), don't get back on twitter and tell me about the stacks you stacking. dude i see you. even if you got a little clout here or there. even if you are hanging with this person or that person. why are you acting like it's the greatest day of your life? must mean the rest of your life is a port-a-potty. cause dude i see you. chill the hell out. it's annoying as fuck to read my timeline and see someone going on and on about some shit that it's obvious they know nothing at all about. and even more annoying to see people RT that shit, only encouraging their foolishness.

i am a self proclaimed nobody. i don't go around trying to be important or to get noticed. normally when you have a life, you don't have to do that shit.

i'm just saying....

#twitterkill to you non-important port-a-potty mouths. P O W


Anonymous said...

these social networking sites have given almost everyone a false feeling of prominence. [i would just like to note that i have had an online journal since 2001 so i've been acting like i'm really important online since waaaaaaay before that shit was cool]

but yeah. twitter, facebook, & most rappers (the famous & those yet to be), producers, dope boys, & contract-less 'models' give me that "c'mon son..." type feeling but then i feel like i'm hating on the obvious joy they get out of broadcasting how much better their life is than everyone else's, so i just mentally shrug it off.

100K said...

Dude...there's a few i can name. My gripe with all of these "bloggers" is that they all have this elitist attitude about this internet shit.

Then when you add people on Twitter obsessing over their followers. I'm the type of nigga...if i unfollow you on Twitter I'll dead you in real life too.

People got this pseudo celebrity status kick that they get on like their opinions on shit really matters. perfect for attention whores of both genders

the.kisser said...

LMAO @if i unfollow you on Twitter I'll dead you in real life too..... i have no more words!


tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@insushiwetrust yea i shrug it off, but at times it gets extra annoying. especially when i can see through them. it's like some ppl maybe you believe it for a second. but others, i dunno.

@100K 100% agree with everything you said.