Tuesday, December 15, 2009

yay..i got another award..

it's times like this that make me love the internet. #twitterkill myself. lol

i got a couple of blog awards from my girl xxxx, check out her blog GOLDEN MIND, she just keeps on sharing the love.

and for that, i gotta share it right back. putting on my latex gloves as i type this.

this post is in response to her Kreative Blogger Award..

i'm supposed to say 7 things i love and pick 7 fellow bloggers to pass it to..

here go my 7 things i love (not in order, just as they come to mind):

1. music. it's in my blood & what drives me financially and emotionally. it's part of every aspect of my life. you literally can't be my friend if you don't love music. it won't last long, if you don't.

2. family. i'm a real family man. i love doing shit with them. love being around them. love spending time. my best friends have to be like family to even fit into my circle. serious.

3. logic puzzles/cards/games. i love scrabble, monopoly, sudoku anything that requires thought. and yes monopoly requires thought when you play for real. i will have someone leave the table crying, cause i'm just that serious.

4. having discussions. i love to sit and talk about shit for hours. to the point where a lot of people won't even get me started. i will sit and listen to your side of a conversation but i want you to give me the same courtesy.

5. cupcakes. dunno what is up with that. but i LOVE cupcakes. to the point where if i had a 24 pack..i'd just eat them shits back to back within a day or so. that's why it's not even cool for me to have them around.

6. speeding. fuck folks who think that driving the speed limit is cool. fuck folks who drive in the fast lane or the HOV lane when there isn't no traffic and they go 5 miles over the speed limit. fuck somebody who has waited 10 minutes to turn and then wants to jump out in front of me when they could wait 30 secs and have a clear space. i love to speed. cause i always have some place to be. if you don't like that shit..get on the bus or become a police officer and do some shit about it.

7. gadgets. any gadgets. anything techie. i will go out and buy shit i don't even want if it looks cool.

alright 7 folks i'll pass the award to and ask to do this shit. (really the 7 ppl that actually MIGHT do this shit..lol)

1. xxxx gonna reciprocate (that is not against the rules) Golden Mind

2. shesgot2haveit my little sis from another mother & father ..ShesGot2HaveIt (she'll only do this if she feels obligated by being my friend. lol )

3. sheila, when she finally stops playing farmville she might Here we Go

4. beyond danielle, maybe when she stop trying to fit in those skinny jeans A Matter of Time; Don't try this on your own

5. Mel, cause i know she'll do it...It's never Black & White

6. the.kisser cause i like to be all up in her business Kissthepen

7. sunshinestart110, cause i like her opinion You don't like my opinion, That's Fine!


Mel said...

Oh you're sure huh? We'll see about that!

~Sheila~ said...

You got my attention! I'm here. I am going to get right on it!

Beyond Danielle said...

ppsssshhhh! The zipper broke on all my skinny jeans from trying to get them over my knees.

okay okay I'm going to participate.

sunshinestar110 said...

awwww....so i love cupcakes too!! i'm eating one as we speak! i thought about not doing this but since i love reading your blog i shall just for u!

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@mel: yup..i'm sure. if you don't do it then it'll just be to show me you weren't, which will be kinda eh. well. not friendly..lol do it.

@sheila: wow i've taken you away from farmville twice now...GREAT.

@beyond danielle: thank you thank you, and don't worry as long as you have a belt, who needs a zipper?

@sunshinestar110: you taunting me with your cupcakes? thank you for participating. i honestly do want yall to feel like yall have to do it..lol part of the fun.

Mel said...

But what if I wanna be unfriendly?