Thursday, December 24, 2009

#twitterkills thursday #6

ok, i was trying to keep it all Holy since it's Christmas Eve, but someone needs to be #twitterkilled today.

this week's #twitterkills thursday subject: changing your twitter icon & your twitter name at the same time.

who the fuck are you?

it's happened to all of us. yanno you're just browsing your timeline and you see someone @reply you or a strange name pop up and you're like...umm. you're looking and you don't recognize them. you might even go to your follow list to double check and make sure they are. cause yanno with the new re-tweet feature mojo's be popping up on your timeline you don't even follow. but these folks are there, and deep down on your list. they aren't new. the thing is..they've changed their twitter name & got a new picture. at least keep the same twitter picture for a week so we can get used to the new name. then change the picture. or announce that shit. i mean i've said before a lot of ppl get new pictures and i'm confused as fuck. because shit...i ain't realize they looked like that anyway. yanno those angles, them angles are a blessing for some folks (myself included). but to get a new picture and name just doubly confuses the hell out of me. it's like they are talking to me. and i'm @replying back like.."uh..yea i don't you know, buddy". kinda like when you run into someone you went to highschool with and they call you by your whole government name and you're looking a them like "where i know you from?..." then it finally clicks who they are when they someone else you're following @replies them. then it's like..."oh that's who that is...." *clicks unfollow*

let's #twitterkill them silently for Jesus..."silent night" style. *whispers* p o w


Anonymous said...

LOL! i just did this. but i changed my @name to my real name so i don't think anyone was confused.

xxxx said...

lol this has been happening to me all week.. im like and who the heck are you?? some of them i just unfollow.

~Sheila~ said...

LOL, me being away from twitter for so long has me wondering who most of the people are when they reply to me. You are also right about the new Twitter retweet feature. THAT confuses the hell out of me!

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@insushiwetrust: yanno what. now that i think about it. if i didn't know what you looked like i wouldn't have known you like 2 of your last changes lmao. you get a #twitterkill pass ONLY cause i know you. and because you did use your name to distinguish yourself. but next time. POW POW..

@xxxx: yup..unfollow and be like. "oh my bad, didn't know it was you. but it's too late following is a prison cell not a revolving door" lol

@sheila: everything confuses you. lol. go back to farmville (just kidding..glad your back on twitter/blogger).