Thursday, December 17, 2009

#twitterkills thursdays #5

this week's #twitterkills thursday (feels like i should say, "bought to you by @soandso") is when someone acts too busy for you but they're all up on twitter.

don't you hate when you're texting someone. and you're waiting for a reply. or yall are in a heated text fight. all you can think about is what they are about to say so you can go in on them. and you're waiting. and waiting. so you just go on about your business. check you're twitter and their ass is either all on twitter telling everyone about your text fight. or they are on twitter like they have not a care in the world tweeting about the weather and shit. it's like motherfucker..i sent you a text over an hour ago. and obviously your ass isn't busy. if you lived next door and i wouldn't be lumped into a category with chris brown i'd walk over and throw your computer out the window.

i've even been on skype with someone and they were looking down. and i kept saying, why are looking down so much? come to find out after we get off they'd be on twitter the entire time. it's like...ok. maybe this is a sign you're addicted, cause if you know i can see you why can't you divert your attention for like 10 minutes. come on...this was your idea, not mine.

or when you're talking on the phone to someone. and you get off and notice the entire time they've been on twitter having 4-6 different tweet conversations. i guess to me i think that if i'm giving you my attention you should be giving me yours. if i reply back to you in a text a minute later. if i'm looking at you on skype. if i'm talking to you on the phone you should at least give me the courtesy to do the same. your timeline isn't going anywhere.

in fact, next time someone ignores my text and gets on twitter. my ass is gonna take it twitter. that'll really piss them off. my #twitterkills next week will be the aftermath of my twitterfight. lol.

Pow. Pow. running, jumping, on top of the head Pow.


Beyond Danielle said...

funny, I have had my computer thrown out the window before for being on these social sites in the middle of a imperative moment

sunshinestar110 said...

I hate that!!! I got a couple of friends like that and it drives me crazy I'm giving u my undivided attention why aren't u doing th same for me? some ppl just so wrapped up cyber space sometimes!

Hater Von G said...

This has never happened to me before... But really only because I avoid confrontation at all costs. I'm looking forward to your aftermath post. :D

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@beyond danielle: well then you know it can happen, better pass on that memo lol.

@sunshinestar110: yup..wrapped up in other folks business instead of trying to have their own.

@hater von g: it shall be coming soon lol..

the.kisser said...

LOL, or like when you're on IM with someone and they take forever to answer you cause they rawted rass is on twitter, chattin up with other blasted people...chuh! take it to the twitfield


Traci Lavette said...

Got ya shook, huh? LOL!!! I feel your passion though, seriously. Twitter, Facebook, and all the other social networks are the new epidemic. In a minute, we won't even have to "talk" at all because anything we want to say can be said in one-liners on Twitter and everywhere else.

If Twitter was shut down for a day, I know several people that would get the shakes from withdrawal! It's pretty bad out there. But hey, we are in the age of advanced technology!!

xxxx said...

lol throw it out the window. throw it out the window.. lol.. i want to see the post for the after math.. boww twitter kills.

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@the.kisser: IM's or whatever. bottom line if i'm waiting on your response, but i see you responding to shit like you're only too busy to get back at me..PoW

@traci lavette:i know ppl who wake up and check twitter first thing in the morning. they'll know everything that happened on twitter before they brush their teeth.

@xxxx:i am, i

Traci Lavette said...

@ tha UN...we might know the same people LOL!!! I know a girl that has one eye open and the other closed and is checkin Twitter and FB before she even raises up out the bed. She did it once while I was in the car with her and I had to check her QUICK! "Look if you wanna play wit your damn life, have it your way, but not when my ass is in here with you". Didn't speak to each other for a full week. That chick didn't see anything wrong with what she did. Go figure!

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@traci lavette: possibly scared to get my dudes on twitter cause i'd fear we wouldn't be able to go anyplace without it being broadcast.

~Sheila~ said...

I hate that. It's happened to me a few (hundred) times. Most of the time it's the friends I thought were friends. I just stop making time for them early on because they have set the stage for how things are going to be.