Sunday, January 3, 2010

#twitterkills thursday #7 (Sunday Edition)

#twitterkills thursday (Sunday Edition). okay i've been preoccupied this weekend, so i wasn't able to blog, tweet, or text. but never fear #twitterkill is still going down this week.

this weeks #twitterkill is dedicated to simple ass tweeters. we all have them on our list. the person who really tweets, "what they are doing..." at the moment.

@simpleasstweeter: i'm watching tv
@simpleasstweeter: i'm eating candy
@simpleassstweeter: i just farted, lol
@simpleasstweeter: *twitpic* me chillin'
needless to say, it's that person who tweets about nothing but the obvious. it's like, ok...yes twitter does ask "what you're doing" but you do have 140 characters to say a little more then that shit. it's like..not only does your life seem boring, YOU seem boring. shit. learn from the master how to spice up any "simple ass tweet"...

"i'm watching tv" translates to "i'm watching Howard the Duck, i haven't seen this in 4 years..i used to crush hard on Lea Thompson. she was kinda dope in Back 2 the Future".

"i'm eating candy" translate to "damn, i just broke my tooth on this jawbreaker i'm eating. hope i still have dental insurance".

"i just farted" translate to "i just smelled a fart, no one else is here but me...wonder who did it?".

"*twitpic* me, Chillin" translates to "wanna see some midget porn?..naw just kidding i was bored here's a new picture of me".

i'm saying, just a suggestion boring ass simple tweeter. please spice up your tweets as well as your life. thank ya kindly...P O W.


the.kisser said...

lol @"i just farted"...i get what you're saying though, for the simple ass tweeters #tt should be heaven sent.

happy new year!

sunshinestar110 said...

Amen....There needs to be twitter for dummies because some ppl need to know how to tweet! I hate those basic ass tweets they drive me crazy..don't be filling my timeline up with pointless shit because to be honesty i don't really care and if you are this lame on twitter u must be the same way in real life...smh...maybe we should teach a class on twitter..the dues and don't,

Robin said...

Nothing irks me more than simple tweeters. Oh wait - simple tweeters that are PROTECTED! why oh why are you protected? You're not saying anything of note!

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@the.kisser: that's exactly what i'm saying. then their #tt be the worse cause it be simple ass shit too..

"simpleasstweeter: #youthinktomuch yes you do"

PowPowPowPowPow...kill them,

@sunshinestar110: you mean there isn't already a twitter for dummies? if not, we need to solicit them to be contributors lol.

@robin: protected simple tweeters at least don't harm the masses. they keep their simple ass tweets to a selct few. i think that is very responsible. why should we all suffer from boredom?