Tuesday, June 2, 2009

it's cause i'm light skin?

"hey guys, it's only funny till someone gets hurts".

that's what my little leprechaun buddy from GA Tech told me, one day when me and a few bored classmates were acting stupid and playing around. well his words have never rang so true, till yesterday.

so my boy is on this "i gotta keep my body right" shit. so top that with the fact that he's 2 years younger than me. he's always talking shit about me needing to work out. now i admit the body isn't what it used to be like 12 years ago. i mean i'm 33, got a child 5 days/week, work all the time. like i told him only prison dudes, super heros & psychos have time to work out everyday. but i'm still agile, trying to maintain myself, & steady meaning to work out here and there to get as close as possible...but i realize i'm not 21. so everytime i say i've been running or trying to eat better, he tells me i need to go work out. and it's like dude...ok. you live in the gym, ok. but i hate the gym. even when i run, i hate the treadmill. i'd much rather be in the park doing my 5 miles regardless of the weather vs. standing on a stationary device. yet he doesn't understand it.

so yesterday he's like, "that's why you need to hit the gym". so i'm like, "what for dude i can take you...". so of course that initiated our roughhousing. and before you start to say..."what are these grown ass dudes roughhousing for?". you have to understand the dynamics. me, him, & our engineers are locked up in this room for hours. he challenged my awesomeness so i had to do something about it. foolish, yes i know..but who are we hurting (besides ourselves)? so dude is like coming at me, gets a good move pushes me against the door and jabs the fuck out my back. i'm talking about it feel like a battling ram hit my back. so immediately acting out of pain i develop superhuman strength & throw him across the room. so afterwards, he has no sympathy because i tossed him. but i'm still in serious pain. i took my shirt off, asked him if he saw anything. he talking about no. then i asked my engineer and he's like yea, "dude you got a big bruise...". so then we ask his engineer and she's like.."yea it look nasty too...". this dude gonna say, "it's cause you're so light skin...". W T F...

(awesome photo @ the top courtesy of Sheila..thanks!)


~Sheila~ said...

Uh huh...obviously, you don't need to be "sippin" on anything to end up with injuries.

You so aren't the age you used to be, so it might be wise to stretch prior to roughhousing.
AND....next time someone "challenges your awesomeness" you might want to do it in a padded room...lol.

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

i'm saying, it wasn't an endurance problem, more like a situational he got me in the corner type accident.

but padded room is duly noted! i'll roughhouse in padded rooms & you drink you're healthy tomato beer in them.