Friday, June 19, 2009


am i the only one who remembers this movie? i swear cause i was looking for a picture to describe what i was feeling right now. and i can't remember if these little creatures we're high and i was just too young & lame to realize. but when i saw the movie poster i was like...why not.

but the point of this post is i'm eating like a fat kid at a candy camp. i'm currently on some steroids to strengthened my optic nerves and the biggest side effect i have is joint pain, stomach pain, & EXTREME hungriness. i mean i am so hungry it makes no sense. i've gained like 7 pounds since friday (i was weighed on wed.). and all i want is more food. my DR. keeps telling me it's cool...let your body do what it's gonna do. but come on.. last time this happened i gained like 30lbs. just letting it happen..could go into a list of other things that just happen as a result, but this ain't the time nor will my food loving fingers allow me to do so cause i''m steady looking for something else to eat.

i just ate my son's doughnuts. which he wont notice till the morning. when i give him his pop tart, grapes, cereal & juice. he'll eat that, play around then about 20 minutes later ask for a doughnut. which i will then have to say, "they are all gone". he will then look at me like, "wtf"...cause he calculates his food and how much is left. i have NO idea how he does it, or why. maybe he got that selfish gene from his mama. but he's gonna be on my ass about those doughnuts in the morning. but right now i'm steady trying to find SOMETHING else, and these grapes are not doing the job.

why doesn't healthy food give you the same buzz?


~Sheila~ said...

Angel had to take 100 mgs of steroids because he has Rheumatoid Arthritis (since he was 23). I know all about the effects of it (just not first hand).
When he first started taking the steroids and gaining weight..he blew up. Then he started becoming self conscious about his weight and started thinking that people were looking at us thinking "what is THAT girl doing with THAT BIG GUY?"
They don't know. They don't know my husband. His looks don't matter to me.
His heart does.

I vaguely remember that movie. Did it come out around the same time Gremlins did? I can now imagine you ravaging the house for food like

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

wow..i know that's gotta be hard. they are still trying to figure out what is making this happen. so many different things it could be, different reason..not claiming none of them now tho. all i know is steroids is def not what i want my life to be.

and it came out after gremlins, somewhere between ghoulies & trolls. i can barely remember it now, but they were like attacking junk food trucks and shit like that. trying to eat junk food. now that i think about it, i'm almost sure they were high little creatures. i might have to check amazon for the movie.