Tuesday, June 30, 2009

i ain't had sex in a long time....

statement's true, but was actually taking that from the drake song. "i ain't had sex in a long time...i ain't had sex in a long ass time..i aint had sex in a long time...are we having sex tonight?"..

women have it much easier than men. i'm saying, we are just naturally built for sex. like if our body isn't getting it, it goes into "crazy mode" and starts reverting to 15 y/o status. being a grown man and waking up with a monument in your pants is not where it's at. i'm getting like dude on "American Beauty" the highlight of my morning is shower massaging. i'm saying operating in a long distance relationship is hard for a lot of reasons. it's not all bad, but yanno the sex part is a problem. what i don't understand is, why do women think they have the lock on being faithful tho? because from my experience i've dealt with cheating chicks. but for some odd reason women think that they are trustworthy and you aren't. i'm serious. why tell me "i know you got something going on...because you haven't been having sex". excuse me, but you haven't been having sex either...right? do you have something going on? just cause i got a automatic trigger you think i'm firing up on every chick i see? where is the trust? why must i justify myself and what i've been doing when i never ask you what you're doing. i never assume you're with someone else. but since you're so worried..maybe i should huh?

this goes back to my problem with chicks having "male friends". because for some reason they can have a million male friends, hang with co-workers, talk to random dudes for their friends. but let you mention a friend that doesn't have a dick to your chick. it can't be done. you're automatically fucking her, interested in her, or she's a potential girl who wants to get with you. and it's like..come on. do you think i'm that hot? every chick wanna get with me, huh? let's get serious. it gets to a point where they think your flirting with the check out girl at the grocery store. i'm saying..yea she can get me some groceries, but for real? just cause the black chick hooked me up at the rib shack don't mean her number was on my fries box. what's up with the insecurity/jealousy? women HATE when you ask them about other guys. but stay being jealous about some chick on your myspace, twitter, facebook, Blogger, etc.. and what makes them the maddest..let the chick have her shit on private and she can't read what she's saying to you.

relationship fail.


~Sheila~ said...

Angel used to try that with me. I ain't got time to be messing with anyone who ain't my baby daddy..don't even have time for Dom's.
Years and years ago, he kept trying to accuse me of stuff and so I started accusing him of the same thing. I told him, "You see how hard you trying to prove your innocense...well that's how hard I am trying too."
After that, he never accused again and we just live our lives with all of our friends.

It's cool.

Besides, all of my stuff is open for him to read. He just chooses not to read it.

Beyond Danielle said...

I think it's more evitable that a man will cheat because men are known to think with their pee-pee. But your right no one can be trusted woman also cheat. I think woman cheat once their fed up and men cheat just for enjoyment. So it's more possible that a man will cheat in a trying situation. I don't have sex either. I think I need to listen to this drake guy. And oh the Myspace thing. At first I never associated that with real life until I found out the 10 girls in my baby fathers top 10 were the girls he was actually sleeping with. SMH. Men uhhh!!!!

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

sheila: i feel you. that's exactly what i'm saying.

beyond danielle: men don't cheat anymore than women do. it's a level playing field. gone are the days where being faithful means anything. it's not a value instilled in a lot of people. as for myspace thing. online is no different then real life. if its 10 girls on myspace, it could be 10 girls in the coffee shop, etc..i'm not saying be stupid. because that's how i found out my ex. she was so comfortable with my trust for her that she had a picture of her and dude as her myspace icon. all i'm saying is if you have no reason, don't start accusing.