Wednesday, June 24, 2009

what was you thinking?....

aiight we've all done it. we all fall into trends & fads. even us "against the grain" types like me. i did the cross colors. i had the slanted bobby brown fade. i even.....well i don't have to admit all my shameful past mistakes.

and yes i had a grill. to my defense i NEVER purchased one myself. i got several as gifts one year because everyone was getting them and thought it was the best gift idea around. i think the one thing that helps me live down all these mistakes were...they were NOT permanent.
i was raised by two traditional parents who got pissed off when i came home with my ears pierced. my dad also greeted me with..."your IQ slowly decreases w/ every tattoo you get". so in true fashion, when i got you think it was one completely visible? i mean even though i like to live on the wild side (honestly i'm like arm length away from being conservative my damn self) i had limits & i thought about shit. all those dudes that went out and got grills permanently attached to their real teeth. *smh* dudes who get tattoos on their hands, faces, or anyplace you can't cover with a dress shirt, tie to go out and get a job. go shoot yourself. what the fuck was you thinking?

yea it's cool..when you're doing it. it's cool when you're in school. yea it's cool, when the chick your dating think that shit is cute. but when you walk into that job interview and your interview goes like this:

you: Hi, my name is *****
them: Hi, (brief pause) *staring at your neck*..."does that say, ruff ryder?..."
you: Um yea, that's something stupid i did when i was younger..
them: yea, i can tell..

that's your own damn fault. the man is NOT keeping you down. you just kept your self down DMX. but it's not just tattoos. it's stupid trends that also don't make no sense. like the mohawks.

i remember when i was younger and in alabama for mardi gras (little did most of yall know mardi gras actually orginiated in mobile, al...not new orleans) i saw all the guys walking around with hair faded down and an huge afro on their neck. i thought that was the WORST shit ever. and i wrote that off as some ol' alabama shit. mohawks the reincarnate of those damn alabama afro-fades. kill that shit. you look stupid....there is nothing fly about half a random patch of hair in the middle of your head. yea i got dudes that have done it...STUPID shit. stop it.

skinny jeans. are punishing your nuts for no reason. first off..your punishing them by squeezing them into some chick's jeans. then you're punishing them by calling yourself a man then wearing some women jeans. no, you don't have to rock baggy below your knee jeans. just get some fucking jeans that fit. get your size, length, inseam. i mean you gotta be a grown as man wearing skinny jeans cause what parent would let their or not gay walk out the house like that? i'm if your grown and you wearing them KILL YOURSELF. i'm so serious right now. there is no way that style will ever be looked back on as fly. what's next leggings? let the ladies have their clothes back.


She's Gotta Have It said...

LOL @ "you are punishing your nuts for no reason" I hate the trend as much as you do, but at least it's less permanent than getting blatantly tacky/unprofessional tattoos, piercings, "grills" (they still do that?). Like many trends, it will pass. In the mean time, they need someone to teach these boys that there's a way to look good without borrowing your little sister's favorite skinnies.

Beyond Danielle said...

Agreed... I can't stand it. Then they wear the jeans down under their butts with boxers to match their outfits. Kill yourself. No one wants to see that.

I've seen men with fitted jeans, a nice pair of boots, and a matching shirt that looked out of this world. But when you start with these skinny jeans, down under your butt, with matching boxers, these glittery belts, these tight shirts, and shiny big sneakers. YOu've got to be kidding me. I can't tell if you straight or gay now. And not to even get started on how the gay boys dress. But altleast their pants are pulled up over their butts. LOL

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

shesgot2haveit: stop handing your boyfriends your jeans, it's not a cute trend. got 70 dudes in NY wearing skinny jeans cause you populating the style.

beyondedanielle: you know they have to hang them under their butts so you can tell they aren't lady jeans. that's the reason they do it. it has to be low enough that you see a belt, and that they are actually male jeans. but stop wondering if they are gay or not..if they got on skinny jeans..they are gay!