Friday, June 26, 2009

ManFive #3

wasn't really feeling it today, but my mind is running rampant and i need to do something constructive. so no questions just 5 observations manfive style.

topic of the week: 5 reasons we're glad we aren't women...

#5: yall have to sit to pee...

manfive reasoning: how the hell yall do this EVERY TIME you go to the bathroom i have no idea. bathrooms are so filthy. at least the men's room is disgusting. so kudos to yall for being able to squat & piss. cause the bubble gut kills me everyday cause i REFUSE to use public restrooms.

#4: Physically yall are weaker..

manfive reasoning: imagine a world where at any moment yall could beat our ass? i'm mean seriously i know there are some punks (cause they aren't men) that beat up on ladies. but for most of us we know it's not right to hit yall. but if chicks we're stronger yall would be beating our ass all day long. because yall mean.

#3: Periods..

manfive reasoning: from the way yall go on and on and on it seems like some real painful shit. no need to explain any further ladies, i believe you..i'm sorry. i'm so glad i can wake up every day of the month & wear the same kind of drawz. i'm so glad 365 /24/7 i am available to get busy without any problem. some of yall so nasty yall do that anyway tho huh?...*smh*

#2: Pregnancy..

manfive reasoning: i love yall for it. carrying something moving & kicking in me sounds like a nightmare. like on "spaceballs" where that alien comes out the dudes stomach in the diner. that shit looks cute on yall. but i'm just down for the sympathy weight. my skin shivers every time i think of that episode of "the cosby show" when the men got pregnant. and it was hell...and they we're bitching. and it wasn't till it was time to deliver that any of them thought about where the baby was actually gonna come out. *passes out on the floor*..Bold

#1: yall gotta deal with us..

manfive reasoning: if i had to deal with dudes all the time and the shit we be on....MAN. but yall learn (sometimes to hard way) how to deal with us, how to understand us, how to ignore us...etc. this is some shit we couldn't do. if yall acted like us...we'd be a dead culture cause we would not reproduce. seriously.


~Sheila~ said...

Yeah. Us women have it tough with that last one. Makes the rest of the list look like a walk in the park.

And still...even though men are fully aware of the crazy part of still flock to us.

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

cause we like crazy...just in doses.