Thursday, June 25, 2009

who the hell asked you?

remember before the internet (who remembers that shit, really?)...before people started becoming blog celebrities? opinions we're valued as important. these days like assholes, everyone has them, and most of them are shitty.

i admit i am very opinionated about a lot of things, but i however am not under the illusion that anyone gives two flying fucks. i frequent blogs, and pretty much prefer real life observation vs. who someone i don't know is dating. i like opinions with some sort of humor & substance. i am a self proclaimed nobody, because in the spotlight of the industry i am known strictly behind the scenes. meaning i'm that dude who'll walk right up to someone famous hug them then go back to my seat...and you hear someone whispering trying to figure out who the hell i am. so i find myself in situations all the time where ppl do not realize who i am, or what i do. can't tell you how many conversations i've had with someone and they started hating on one of my songs. again, i respect constructive criticism. what i don't respect is people who think they have Phd's in music. it's like ok, i understand you don't like it. i understand why you say you don't like it. i hear what your problem is...but now that you've said it what is that suppose to mean to me? and what tears me up is that when i come back at them from my perspective they always get mad and tell me "the consumer has a right to their opinion". that's when i look at them and be like, "bitch you didn't buy that shit you downloaded it, you are NOT a consumer".

so recently, this dude..i won't say no names. he acts like he doesn't read my blog, but i know he does. he also acts like he don't know who i work for, which i know he knows. me and him are cool, don't get me wrong. but i gotta call out a nigga. and yes i said nigga. i be trying to use "ninja" but today i gotta say it...this nigga not only reviews one of my songs. he post a link to DL it.

start rant---> one of my pet peeves is music dl, by the way. i just feel like it takes away from all the work that's put into the music. especially if it's not a hit. if it was meant to be a album song, and it was leaked beforehand, below quality, with scratch vocals, or instrumentals the song is dead. you kill the chance of it making the album, being bought on itunes, or being relative when it's time to be released. how many of you have gotten an album with a song you heard over 5months ago..because it was leaked on the internet? i'm not knocking the hustle of "beating the system", i'm just saying fair is fair. even if you dl it, if you like the artist support them and the ppl who make it happen. me, i get paid on the front end so you aren't fucking with my paper...but you are fucking with my work & the ppl who put their heart and time into this shit. <--end rant i'm not upset he doesn't like the song. i just get upset when people talk about shit and people like they know them. not only that, but bias other's opinions as if they are experts themselves. i'm a fan of not shitting where lay. why don't you tweet a DL link to some of your shit, for ppl to comment? just real talk.

let's keep the opinions to a minimal buddy before i start posting links to you're unreleased demos.

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~Sheila~ said...

Well, YEAH.
There is always someone out there who has something to say about something. But ask them to put forth anything to be critiqued and no one wants to hear what YOU got to say.

Everyone is a critic.

I'm super curious as to who you are talking about but I'll wait to see if shit hits the fan.