Thursday, June 11, 2009

but what about my naked pictures?

first & foremost, fuck sprint. excuse me for the introductory "fuck"..i usually try to mesh nice words before i spring forth with the "fucks". but i'm saying, these dudes are some punks.

now everyone know sprint phones are the most expensive out of all the networks. this gray beauty HTC mogul, cost me over $500. because i was told that when i "bought" my 1st generation PocketPC even though i paid for it out right, it meant i had not had my current phone for more than 2 years. nevermind i didn't renew, nevermind i paid for my replacement phone outright because i didn't believe in insurance and my old phone was damaged. so basically i paid over $500 for my past two sprint phones. so after that, i decided to play the system. get the insurance whenever something wasn't right, file a claim make them bitches give me a new phone. yes, it's refurbished but if you see my phones after i've had them for like 2 weeks "newly refreshed" is fine by me.

original problem: keyboard backlight was out. camera button wasn't working. i included the camera button thing cause after i hit the counter ppl were looking at me like a punk for turning it in for a backlight problem. but i text, tweet, email in the dark...i needs my light. so dude looked at my phone for 2 minutes (i had been waiting behind two ppl for an hour prior to someone asking me why i was even there), told me he'd order me a new one. go to pick up my new one...get in my car to customize it. take programs off, make the menu smaller, arrange items so i can better function. open the phone and realize the keyboard don't work & the screen freezes. go back in like a madman, "this phone is broke!". i guess dude think he know better than me so he "tries" to fix it for 40 minutes agrees with me and orders a new one for the next day. go to pick that up...wait almost 2 hrs. get the phone. screen works. keyboard works. get it home. sync it to my computer, got my contacts, pictures, settings, etc. pop the micro SD card in, nothing. reset it, nothing. take the battery out.."found a storage card". JACKPOT. try to put ringtones back on from the card, nothing. try to open the pictures, nothing. try to stick the card in the computer..i can see the file but it's corrupt. w t f?
so i'ma need all you ladies who send me naked pictures to please email, text me, mail me some copies. it's been a hard 18+ hrs. w/o them...

"ManFive" Friday starting tomorrow...


memphiz said...

I agree with the fuck sprint. sprint always playing someone ... i know you mad about your pics lol.

~Sheila~ said...

My work phone is a Sprint Touch Pro. The only problem I've had with it is I tried to open up Sprint TV and there was an error. Now it never works. I don't really care, I shouldn't be watching TV while I'm working

I hope those girlies send you the pics you so badly want.

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@memphiz i'm so mad about them.

@sheila they won't...yanno how that goes

"technically, i wasn't suppose to save them anyway.." lol

KIM said...

That's funny! My hubby has sprint (business cell) and I have Verizon. The exact same Blackberry and my network by far is better. His phone can't even receive text pictures *SMS TEXT*. Sprint tried to say that the Bberry won't do it. When confronted with the fact that with Verizon the Bberry could do it, they were like look.... we didn't buy that feature from Blackberry sorry. I gotta send my naked pictures to him via email to the phone! LOL!!
Back up you pix!