Friday, June 5, 2009

zipper watching..

this is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. now we all know what proper etiquette is correct?
i'm get the *side eye* and talked about for staring at a woman's breast instead of looking at her face.

yet why do women feel it ok to stare down a man's package? not just glance, not do that side eye peek, but flat out just look..lips parted, sweat forming, suggestive smirking going on. why is that ok? i mean most times, if it's a chick i'm digging i'm all game. go ahead and look. that's what it's there for, a little later you can get up close & personal with it. but what about when it's an uninvited look?

yesterday, i had on white shorts. my timing is usually off because everytime i wear them it rains. it wasn't raining when i left home, 10 minutes in the car....drizzle city. so i get out the car and tell myself i'm just gonna grab my laptop & run in real quick. i make it no incident, in the room w/ a bunch of dudes. no one is paying me any attention. we break for a minute. i go to get some food. still raining. get out run in....walk in and you know how you can just feel someone looking at you? so i glance over and this old lady. she aint really that old, probably in her 50's staring at my pants. so of course you know i look down thinking they got wet. they were a little damp, but that's not what she was looking at. i look back at her, her eyes are just fixated. i turn around and see her look up and smile at me. this is one of those moments if my mom was with me i'd tell her, "mommy, that lady was looking at my 'hammer' " (stop hating...).

but it just gave me an yucky feeling. so i order my food go sit down and she's back to staring at it. so i test it out, and kinda move it around and see her eyes moving with it. i'm just thinking now this lady is just a perv. but as i'm walking out i catch two other chicks looking. and it all goes back to my theory that yall have eye priority problems too. because if a woman sees you in jogging pants, basketball shorts, or anything else clingy...she ALWAYS looks down first. i'm gonna start wearing a sign on my zipper.."if you can read this, you should be giving me head...".


~Sheila~ said...

I didn't know that guys were uncomfortable when that happens. I figured guys get flattered. Still 'Ol girl was looking at your "ball-peen" huh?
Kinda freaked you out!

I don't actually know what draws our eyes downward like that in that type of clothing. Maybe because of the way it just "drapes" in the front. Guess we are wondering if you are G.I. Joe or Ken Barbie.

That's just my guess.

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

lol @ G.I. Joe or Ken Barbie...

like i said i was uncomfortable cause chick was staring and undressing me w/her eyes and it wasn't mutual. she looked so long & hard she probably could tell you what kinda underwear i was wearing.

Beyond Danielle said...

I think it's just the lump in the pants that fascinates woman. I dunno I look to. Didn't know about the uncomfortability factor that comes with this