Wednesday, November 21, 2012

i am thankful

day#19: i am thankful for...something given to me by a loved one. 

no it's nothing naughty. it's nothing over the top. it's a gift my parents gave me when i was a little kid. something that if we left the house without, we had to turn around. something that i couldn't go to sleep without. something i couldn't breathe...without (yes it was that serious). it was my security blanket, but wasn't a blanket. it's something i will not reveal on here. and you have to have known me from childhood, heard the story from my mom or grandmother, or one of the very few people i've confided in with this classified information. i'll say this tho..i still have it. it may not be intact. it may not be recognizable. but i still have it. and if you ever guess what it is. or get around my parents and tell them i have it, i will deny you like you're crazy. 

but trust me. i was thankful when i received it. and i'm thankful that i still have it. 

1 comment:

Freckles said...

so uber super curious as to what IT is.