Thursday, November 15, 2012

i am thankful challenge...#day15

day#15: i am thankful for..spirit

i'm low profile, i'm not on instagram with my line jacket on over a decade after the fact. i don't have the license plate covers or decals on my car. other than the black & gold air fresheners in my car. or the fact that i rock black & gold hats, shoes, shirts, bow ties,'d probably never guess, i'm part of the oldest & the coldest black fraternity around.

when i was in school we literally went ape. we were about that fraternity life. but as i got older, graduated, i never wanted to be one of those old guys who walks around like he just got off probate. not to bash anyone who does do that, i'm just saying. just because i don't do that doesn't mean i don't represent. i'm still ice cold to the core. i'll tell you in a second if you try to insult me by insinuating i'd pledge anything else. what i took from my experience is spirit. i'm thankful for the spirit of belonging to an organization that stands for brotherhood, excellence, & strength. that's what i take with me. that's what i share with other's. AΦA.

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Mo said...

Well said!

What is about crossing the 6-7 year that the jackets, shirts, and 'nalia from head to toe are...relaxed?

I wear my shirts when I work out or run errands. I do have a license plate and key ring. Other than that, that's all you get. 9 years next year!