Friday, November 16, 2012

i am thankful challenge...#16

day#16: i am thankful

i was never one for the gym. still can't manage to eat good. no where close to the body i used to have. unsure of what my physical condition may be in a few years, months, or even tomorrow. but i'm breathing. i'm here another day for my son, my parents, anyone else who loves me. so i have to be thankful for that. i have to be thankful that i can see the world. breathe the air. hear the noise. go for a run. wrestle with my son. just live. i'm healthy enough to wake up, walk out my house and enjoy my life.That's God.

i'm about a new me, health wise. i had a few setbacks as far as my MS is concerned. but it's made me focus more on the things i should have been doing. i should have been working out. not that i suddenly like it. but i know it's something i need to do. i went from having one strength training session a week to two, to working out 5 days a week. if i could avoid the cupcakes, sweets, & liquor i'd think i'd be good. step at a time huh?

i'm saying any of you ladies wanna cook me a nutritious home cooked meal 1 day out the week? i just need 7 of you to commit. lol.

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