Saturday, November 10, 2012

i am thankful (late edition)

day#9: i am thankful for gratitude...

i'm not the most reliable blogger. i pop in and out sometimes like i'm visiting. but one of the things i'm thankful for are all of you who still hold me down. no matter how long it may have been, i get those threatening "get off instagram & twitter and do another manfive!" messages from a lot of you. y'all hit me up and tell me to get back to blogging. y'all encourage me when i'm i'm feeling down. your kind words and funny replies sometimes make my day. It's not said enough but the kinship you form with people that you share your thoughts, feelings, and words with is strong. i feel like i know a lot of you, and i feel like a lot of you know me. i'm grateful for all of the friends i've met and shared my moments with, i am grateful for all of you. yes, even you people who NEVER comment but read my blogs. don't think i don't notice you anonymous people on my stats list. lol

i'm grateful for all of your comments, suggestions, and for checking me out. i'm thankful for YOU!

(and that y'all don't get mad when i'm late w/ posting shit...)


Mo said...

You're welcome! LOL Now keep blogging!

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@mo: lol guess i need to stop procrastinating and do my manfive huh?

Freckles said...

i love when you get all mushy. I feel like I know you too. I love when you are blogging because it keeps us connected - while I love that we are doing this challenge, please feel free to make a regular post too. shit. wuit bsing.dude damn.