Tuesday, November 13, 2012

i am thankful challenge...day#13

day#13: i am thankful for heart

i'm a kindhearted guy. who gets taken advantage of a lot. it's hard being the good guy. especially when everyone's always rooting for the bad guy.

but i continue to live my life and stand by principles i believe. i'm not a quitter  deserter, or coward. i'm not afraid to be myself. i'm not afraid to live life. i'm not afraid to go against the grain. paint outside the lines. be different.

i'm different.

that's what makes me, me. i lead with my heart, not my fears. i do not hide my feelings or behind my words. i say what i mean, and i mean what i say. character says a lot about a person. who they are, what they mean, and how they treat others. i strive to be a man of great character and a man of great heart.

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Freckles said...

It is kind of sad that folks view a good/nive guy as differnt but hell different is good.

I am an all emotional person and my my heart gets the bes tof me sometimes too.