Monday, November 5, 2012

i am thankful

day#5: i am thankful for acceptance...

one thing about me is i love myself. i'm not the tallest guy around. i'm not even the average height guy. i'm downright short...and i'm okay with that. a lot of people joke and think i'm just saying it because i can't change it. but honestly, i'm okay with it. my dad once told me, "it's usually the people who don't like their own reflection that have a problem with yours. don't let people like that dictate how you view yourself". and that has stuck with me my entire life.

i feel like women especially want to make it an issue for me, because they always find issue with it. i can't help if me being short makes you insecure. i've had girlfriends not wear heels because they were so self conscious about being taller than me. when the truth is...i've dated TALL women, who have no issue with it. it's the women who are like 1-4 inches taller than me that act like i'm webster and their some amazon model.

proof that it's all in chicks heads...

me and my girlfriend at the time drove out to a park. we were at the gas station, she was in the car..i was pumping gas. these two dudes walk over to me. me being a gentleman and not knowing what the nature of the conversation was going to be..i locked and closed the door to the car for her safety  so these two dudes are asking me where i'm from, and inviting me to check out their barbershop..and just talking about the park we just came from. so i get back in the car, and she's all scary eyed asking me what they wanted. so i start telling her, and she exhales and tells me she thought they were going to jump me. now one of the dudes probably was 4 inches taller than me and skinny as a rail. the other dude was a midget. like a true legit midget. it was a very funny experience but it also showed me how she really felt about me being a protector. and that did bother me. but at the end of the day, i accept who i am. i accept how God made me. i am thankful that i can look at myself in the mirror and like who i see.


Freckles said...

"it's usually the people who don't like their own reflection that have a problem with yours. don't let people like that dictate how you view yourself" - I thankful that you shared this. I am going to hold it close because it speaks volumes.

I hate to admit it but I am one of those chicks or I have been. It seems that I sometimes feel not as comfortable with a shorter man even though I am only 5'2 (5'3). For me it is not so much as not feeling protected and it is more of my own insecurity. I am working on it.

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@freckles: smh..see lol. it's never the tall chicks. my previous chick used to say, "tall women don't care if your short, because they're used to being taller than guys anyway".

i call bullshit tho. i think shorter women don't like short guys because it makes them seem taller. and for some reason y'all want to seem miniature beside a guy.