Tuesday, November 6, 2012

i am thankful challenge...day#6

day#6: i am thankful for writing...

i'm not a writer in the sense of a journalist, columnist, novelist, or any other "ist". trust me, people who feel they are any of those categories are quick to let you know you aren't "on their level". my attitude is, who the hell cares? i blog for myself, it's just another outlet to channel my creativity.

my real writing badge was earned through my music. my entire life i've been writing songs. even when i was child, i'd make up songs about everything. if i was eating it was about my food. if i was taking a bath it was about my bath water being too hot, too cold. even today, my friends will tell you i randomly start singing things we're talking about. it's always been a love. it's always be a gift. i thank God for my creativity. i thank him for the ability to tell a story through music and my words.

i'm a word play man. i like to play around with words and trigger emotions. this is what i do for a living. i compose (write) music. i write songs. i make love to a melody. i give voice to a note. i can say so much without saying a word. honestly it's spiritual. me & my engineer will listen to something a million times. then when we think we got it: we'll turn it up, close our eyes, and just listen. it's like an experience i can't even explain. this is when it's ballads: love, relationship type songs. when it's more uptempo i'm dancing around the studio like diddy. i literally can not sit down, because i become too engrossed. me and my production partner will skype when we're not working together in the same state and you'll see my engineer and his engineer rolling their eyes because we are cursing, dancing, and getting crunk over a......justin bieber song. seriously. lol


Freckles said...

crunk over bieber huh - this statement makes me look at you a little different. lol.

you are a talented with your words and I think of you as a writer and I am thankful that you are doing this challenge because you are writing.writing promotes healing.

Mo said...

Real talk, that Beiber song "Boyfriend" goes hard. LOL

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@freckles: don't side eye me..lol. and thank you, it really is making me feel better.

@mo: it does..but that ain't the song lol