Tuesday, November 13, 2012

i am thankful challenge...day# 11

day#11: i am thankful for my parents...

thank you God for blessing me with my parents. as a father i now see that the guidebook to parenthood is written as you go. and as a child i didn't quite understand that. but as a man, as a father..i've seen firsthand just how hard it is to be a perfect parent. all we can do, is try to do our best. and raise our children to be good people. thank you, for giving me two of the greatest people to teach me how to love. how to live. and how to be a good person. too many times we complain about the things we don't like. that we overlook the things that matter. do you know how many people would give anything to have their parents at their graduation, wedding, birth of their child...any life event. i've never had to know what it was like to not have them there. i love my parents & i can say they have loved me longer than anyone else on this earth.

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Freckles said...

wonderful reflection - My mom has been to everything. My daddy would have had he been able. My parents ROCK!