Friday, August 27, 2010

#twitterkills (thursday) friday 39...

i know it doesn't even sound i forgot yesterday was thursday. seriously it did not hit me till nothing was on tv last night. anyway. onto #twitterkills, better late than never right?..

this week's #twitterkills thursday friday 39 topic of internet death: #teamfollowback

now i have no problem with #teamfollowback. i think it's very noble that you follow everyone who follows you. i try my hardest to follow everyone who follows me too. i am also a @replier. what's the point of following if you don't ever @reply? just about everyone who appears on my timeline will get a @reply if i can think of something foolish enough to respond back with. my problem with #teamfollowback is they have to announce every fucking person they follow, one by one. so my timeline looks like this...

@teamfollowbackrandomperson1: now following @thediner
@goldenmind_: i'm so slizzard...bday in 2 days who gonna get me out of jail?
@teamfollowbackrandomperson1: now following @beanbagchairhead
@starrlamoane: you got one more time to look at me like you wanna do something
@teamfollowbackrandomperson1: now following @chickntheredcar
@beigebunnie: i walked in to work and all the girls were jocking *hair flip*
@teamfollowbackrandomperson1: now following @walnutsNyomouth
@teamfollowbackrandomperson1: now following @secrettiger
@alovelydai: ok, who stole my hotsauce?

@teamfollowbackrandomperson1: now following @aries392lover
@juiceboxbunny: this guy at work is on fire, should i hide the matches before i call 911?
@fireflyorison: i just bought a matching "booty pop" set for me & the boo thing, but he won't wear it =(
@teamfollowbackrandomperson1: now following @chickenheadfred
@shesgot2haveit: my bro @studiogenius is fucking awesome
@beautyserinity: @shesgot2haveit, @studiogenius is so i can't understand how one man could be so cool.
@teamfollowbackrandomperson1: #teamfollowback #yesifollow #followme

@teamfollowbackrandomperson1: want to get as many followers as me? #teamfollowback
@shesgot2haveit: @beautyserinity we're so lucky he even associates with us. he is so awesome and amazing
@teamfollowbackrandomperson1: now following @1ofmany
@drrarepearl83: @beautyserinity i just happen to see you say @studiogenius was amazing. i agree 100% he's so super cool
@teamfollowbackrandomperson1: now following @yomamababydaddy
@teamfollowbackrandomperson1: now following @candyrainNEforever

@naturally1908: i just saw LLcoolJ lick his lips, omg *swoon*
@luvlymskrissy: i'm just now realizing that wasn't a tree that skeeted on my windshield this morning
@teamfollowbackrandomperson1: #teamfollowback #wehere #yeaaahfollowback

@teamfollowbackrandomperson1: #ifollowdeadpeople #ifollowblindpeople

@teamfollowbackrandomperson1: #followmeontwitter #teamfollowback

you get the picture?..annoying as fuck. i can't read all the other fuckery and compliments with all that shit cluttering my twitter timeline. i only load the last 100 tweets. and i rarely go back to check older shit. so within 30 minutes i've lost everything. #twitterdeath to that bullshit. please follow #twitterkiller 2.0. POW...


Epitome said...

LMAO @ the tweets! Why I gotta be hair flipping on hoes?

Monique said...

Why I gotta be talking about LL's lips and shit? and a tree skeeting on my car?? Come on son! LOL

MzAuNatural-Beauty said...

LOL! Yo that shit annoys the fuck outta me.

xxxx said...

lmao at my tweet " @goldenmind_: i'm so slizzard...bday in 2 days who gonna get me out of jail?".. you know me too well.. haha.. but yes... death to #teamfollowback.. shit be clogging my feed as well

Jen said...

You are a FOOL! And so full of yourself, bro. LOL.

But seriously, I hate that shit, too. I don't need to know nor do I care that you are following a whole bunch of randoms. Please, keep it to yourself.


Anonymous said...

"@drrarepearl83: @beautyserinity i just happen to see you say @studiogenius was amazing. i agree 100% he's so super cool"

For the record, I'd never say you were super cool.


Anonymous said...

LOL. I'm not even on twitter (nor do take it seriously enough) to notice these things.

Krissy said...

Lol luckly for me I don't see any of this when I'm looking through the timeline. I get annoyed enough with that #FF shit.

I'm so mad u talked about that tree skeet! Trees can be down right rude!

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@epitome: cause you fancy, huh? yanno you be flipping on those chicks. don't play..

@monique: i'm saying did i misquote you? lol..

@mz au nautral beauty: yea it's very annoying.

@xxxx: yup yup. hope you had a happy birthday. didn't see you on twitter, but then again i wasn't really on. hope you didn't really get arrested.

@jen: lol..why i gotta be a fool? yanno you and my bjff discuss my coolness on the regular. you don't have to lie..

@hightopsandpearls: yes you would. you told me how super cool i was on gchat the other day. yall just lying on blogger..*smh*

@i'm alee: but if you would bother you lol..

@krissy: skeet skeet