Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dream Date..

so the question i asked..."what is your dream date?"..

i agree with all of your scenarios. to me it's not about money. even when i was a younger guy, it was all about making her smile. that's what's important to me when it comes to dating. making that other person smile. doing something that they enjoy.

i must admit i'm a simple guy. all the going out and the extravagant things are "trickin' " to me. those are the things you do when you're trying to impress someone you don't know. being an observant person...i try to find things people enjoy. i find more and more these days women (thankfully not many of you) equate "dream dates" to how much money is spent. and don't get me wrong. sometimes spending a little more. showing a little more effort is needed. i'm not saying all dates are budget dates. or free dates. or "at home" dates. i'm just saying that impressing someone you love..and that loves you doesn't require money.

it's all about paying attention. knowing her favorite flower or that she hates flowers. knowing her favorite food, color, song..etc. knowing the words that make her smile. the places she likes to be touched. the things that make her feel good. listening to her. it's all about focusing on that person. that's the main thing i've gotten from your comments. is that it's more about the person. it's more about having a good time with them. enjoying them. having chemistry.

women that i completely click with i could just sit and stare at all night. we could talk with our eyes. it doesn't get boring. whenever i'm with someone and they get bored it makes me question our connection. maybe i'm being harsh. but honestly. when i'm into someone..i don't get bored with them. you can always find excitement with people who excite you. so everything we do is exciting. everywhere we go is exciting. a dream date is a date with your dream person. the person you dream of. the person that you want to share your dreams with. the person who personifies that dream.


Anonymous said...

I'm a simple girl. Dinner would be nice and maybe something fun like bowling. But even on the simplest dates guys still manage to f*ck it up.

Anonymous said...

awww I love this post. I feel the exact same way about just simply enjoying someone's pressence.

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@alee: shit..i think women fuck up the most simplest dates too. i think it just depends on the person. you'll have women who'll eat sardines and pickles with one dude then expect the next to have you at a 5 course restaurant.

@chymere: thanks. i think it's just that simple. i have no idea why people find that so hard. to me if you can't enjoy just being with me, why are we even together?