Thursday, August 12, 2010

#twitterkills thursday 37

been a while since i had a #twitterkills. actually it's only been a week. it just feels like forever when i skip a week. it makes my #twitterkill finger itch. who's getting "killed" today?

wally the fail whale. (no wally isn't his real name..i just needed a name that started with "w").

this week's #twitterkills thursday 37 topic is: no one can play...when twitter is away.

don't know if any of you noticed about a week ago, but twitter was severely down. if you had an app, the shit didn't work. i'm sure it had something to do with the api. but i'm saying how does some shit like that happen? like the damn api is down for a day or two and there is no mention of that shit anywhere. how do i know it was down? because randomly after a day of no "updates"..i actually got one and other people were saying, "something is wrong with twitter". some of you hardcore folks were steady still tweeting. but the people who rarely actually log onto twitter via web (this would be me) not being able to use my app meant no twitter for me.

all of this leads me to ask...what would we do if twitter just timed out today. no more twitter. what on earth....would we do? would we start back texting, calling, emailing each other? go back to AIM, Yahoo messenger, gchat, msn..etc. how many people would you lose touch with? would you miss the 100+ followers? wonder "what they were doing?..". twitter going down for a few days isn't a big, big, big, big, deal. it's just annoying and leads to extreme boredom. so twitter bird...i'ma about to make some bird stew.

aiming. finger on trigger. "tweet" "tweet" "tweet" *POW* ...


xxxx said...

twitter is always crashing...its annoying.. it doesnt even bother me anymore because its expected

Monique said...

I could careless when twitter goes down. It does make me wonder what did half these people do before Twitter and Facebook? I bet the internet was a much quieter place before then. *sigh* I miss those days sometimes. LOL

Epitome said...

I'm with Mo...I actually haven't even been on there really...nothing to I like looking at my timeline and seeing posts fromn 8 days ago...makes me feel somewhat better than everybody who if you go to the bottom of their timeline they have posts from an hour ago #noshade lol

Anonymous said...

Yea I gotta say I really don't care. I don't use the net as much as I use to. It gets old to me and I just shut it off for awhile. Folks would go nuts if twitter shut down. But quickly there would be another bandwagon to jump on.