Monday, February 1, 2010

ManFive Friday Disclaimer

alright ladies, it's become apparent that maybe i need to put up a official MF.S.A (man five service announcement).

since starting ManFive, the format has changed. it took me a minute to bring you what i envisioned for ManFive Friday. i started it after advising one of my friends on her man problems. it became apparent to me that you ladies needed a little help understanding the male point of view. through a few of our talks, she would say "i feel like you're telling me things i shouldn't know...". that's when it hit me to start ManFive. this was a way for me to kind of clue you in as to how the male thought functions, works, self destructs.

yes, some of the topics are silly. some of them are aimed at single ladies, some at taken or married ladies. the realm in which i'm hitting varies based on your questions, my personal experience, and what's going on in my mind when i sit down to write.

my hope, for ManFive is that you ladies will see the error of your ways (i know yall don't find that funny..but i'm saying), no but seriously. it's so you can understand where we are coming from, but also so you can stop getting played or playing yourself. i want you to see bullshit for bullshit. if i tell you a dumb dude is the only one who is gonna treat you that way. don't try to justify your dude behavior. if i tell you that men don't care or don't listen when you do this or that. it's to tell you that you're wasting your time, move on. i am not a relationship guru (although, i'm pretty damn close), i'm just a guy who feels bad when women don't see that they deserve more.

you are the fairer sex. just like things we put on pedestals like our jobs, cars, kids, personal accomplishments... a good woman is one of our greatest yet most neglected assets. not to put you in a "things" category, just to say that finding, keeping you, & making you happy will be one of the most rewarding things we could ever do. so if you realize your importance in our life, at least what your importance SHOULD won't accept any less than that. yes, we as men make mistakes like you do. we aren't perfect, so there is some leniency that should be shown to some of these rules & red flags. but for the most part, you know when something doesn't feel right. i know some of you women haven't be fortunate enough to have a man treat you right. so you don't know what that's suppose to feel like. thing is despite that, you should know when someone is treating you wrong. expect more & you shall receive more.

remember to: be yourself, love yourself, & stay yourself. don't let a man or anyone rob you of who you are. because a good man will nourish you & help YOU change YOU for the better. he will never try to change you for himself.

hope ManFive continues to help you ladies in your quest for world domination. with the tools i'm trying to give you, men will be left powerless to your bullshit detector.

feel free to donate cupcakes, baked goods, & nice delicious home cooked meals for my services.


tha unpretentious narcissist


Beyond Danielle said...

Preach On!

lmao at feel free to donate cupcakes, baked goods.... etc.

JStar said...

Amen to that!!!!! LOL@ you may have to come and get the desserts :) Might not make it through shipping :)

ms.rubies said...

keep delivering such a great service, and those who appreciate it will come back for more...those meaning

i live in canada, i'm pretty sure you wouldn't want me to ship you any food kinds from here.

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@beyond danielle: i'm saying it doesn't take much to appease me. i'm looking for home cooked meals & baked goods. catch me on the internet expressway ramp with a sign, "will advise for home cooked meals & baked goods" lol

@jstar: you playing...bout to be on your doorstep.

@ms.rubies: thank you. listen...i can do some canadian travel & shipments. we just gotta get your ice packing game on lock lol.