Thursday, February 4, 2010

#twitterkills thursday #12

this #twitterkills thursday edition is:

you need more people

so my boy just hopped on twitter. he's actually been on twitter for a minute, but he's one of those folks who got on didn't get it and didn't stay around. so we we're hanging out about a week ago..and i was tweeting. one thing about me my phone is text message central. everyone cept my mama & the president text me. my mom doesn't cause she can't figure out her phone enough to do it. the president doesn't because i'm one of those folks with a crazy name that you kinda gotta distance yourself from if you got a crazy name.

anyway. needless to say i'm always on my phone doing something. so my boy peeped me tweeting. i think he got a little tweet jealous cause i was telling him the crazy shit i was getting @replied. and the crazy shit i was tweeting back. so he's like, "i ought to get back on twitter". so i'm like..yea, it's cool. mind you i'm not a fan of befriending too many folks i know and hang out with on twitter. not that too many are on. i hang with them dudes who unless someone show you how fun the shit is you don't wanna do it. because at first i wasn't a fan of twitter. in fact i was like, "who wanna be on some shit and tell folks what their doing every few minutes..lame". well guess who got lame & addicted? yea, me.

so first thing i tell him, "don't go adding everyone you know, know...cause if you're saying what you're doing & who you're doing it with it's the quickest way from a mojo to check you and your locale. and it totally does not allow you to talk about folks you even remotely know cause all that shit always gets back some how (snitch ass mojos) ". he got what i was saying immediately. so he gets on and thinks he just gonna add folks and get his twitter thang going. wait, i'm bout to go look & see how many followers he has right now..4.

the hell? how he hell you been on twitter for a few days and still only got 4 followers? shit i got you 2 of your followers. your twitter hustle is a #fail. my advice to him, just tweet eventually ppl you add will add you back if you hit them up on the regular and yall connect. he was telling me last night, "man twitter takes too much...."

awwww, poor him right? wtf-ever..for being a punk about it i'ma give him 4 #twitterkills.

pow-pow-pow..yippie yo yippie yay- POW

let me know if you wanna make his day & follow him.


JStar said...

LOL....I havent gotten into Twitter at all..and I have been on all the social networking sites dating back...I havent been on my Facebook in so long, I mines well delete it...But I am glad that someone is having fun with it :)

Beyond Danielle said...

i'll follow him

ms.rubies said...

lol...poor dude, he's gonna love it though. i'll follow him

insushiwetrust said...

you just reminded me...i really wish i had known what twitter would be before i added my real life friends...some of them are suuuuuch joy killers. like dude...why do you have 12 fuck these stupid hoes/basic bitches/weak ass niggas posts at 7:52 a.m.????

but u know if you unfollow it's gonna be all dramatic. so i just had to change everything about my twitter profile.

i know there are people (like you) who see unknown names/pics/backgrounds on their timeline & unfollow but i will take those Ls to block out that negativity.

sunshinestar110 said...

awwww... poor lil tink tink he ain't got no followers.. and u ain't give my man the twitter basics before i got back on is grind...smh.... lol@ having a crazy name...thats what we tell me sister all the time cuz she got a straight hoodrat name.

thedailydoc said...

Po' fella. Eh I'll follow I guess. That'll be my random act of kindness for the week (btw, I'm WAY behind on that.)


tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@jstar: yea i haven't nor do i think i'll ever get into facebook. just really don't wanna be socializing with that many ppl i know/have known. everyone says, "you can make it private". but what's the point then?

@beyond danielle & msrubies: thanks for taking pity on my dude. he still is slacking on this tweeting. but i think it's cause it's boring cause he don't have no followers lol

@insushiwetrust: see ppl always talk shit on me for saying i'm careful about adding folks i know & work with. then they hit me back after doing the same like, "shit...i wish i didn't add my co-worker".. i engage in too much foolishness to not think shit out first..

@sunshinestar110: i mean i told him it takes a minute. can't really school him when he ain't really tweeting like a pro yet..that shit comes with time. lol

and my name is crazy... i got one of those barrack obama names.

@thedailydoc: lol@ your random act of kindness being following him..