Thursday, February 11, 2010

#twitterkills thursday #13

so. . .you ever been on twitter and people act like the burden of grammar, responsibility, and subtleness relies on you. ever felt like there were things you just couldn't say. . . on YOUR own twitter? or that the twitter police were going to come arrest you for saying how you feel or for talking to someone out of pocket?

#twitterkills thursday topic of the week: being censored on twitter.

personally i feel like some shit that is yours, is yours. what you say, how you you say it is your right.

offense #1, people who try to make twitter an english paper. yes, "your".."you're".."they".."they're" is highly misused. but if you know what the hell they meant why the hell you got to correct them on twitter? or point out a typo? it's like once you hit send, it's out there. don't make ppl think they have to retweet themselves to change "thi" to "this" we know where you were headed. and those be the same people who think they got an "A" in grammar class, yet say the most ignorant shit and use the worst shorthand in twitter history. we know you're not really smart. you cancel yourself out, sorry.

offense #2, now i admit i say the word, "nigga" on twitter or my blog but only in extreme situations. i'm trying to be racially responsible on both. due to the fact that i see SO many ppl use it in the worst way and it leaves me with my mouth wide open...kinda like that whole John Mayer saying it felt like "wtf". the reasons ppl like him and other's who SHOULDN'T be saying it say it like it's nothing is because we say it too much. i have no problem with the word, just prefer it be used by ppl who can't use it in a demeaning way towards you. if ppl understood why they couldn't say it and understood why you& me saying it was different..then i wouldn't feel like i'd have to water down my "that ninja owe me $40". when yall know i really mean "nigga" with heavy emphasis on the "n" & "ga". yet...i have to watch what i say out of personal responsibility. don't get me wrong you can say whatever on your twitter, not trying to censor you..just saying if your descendants nor you have ever been referred to as one (negatively), i'd prefer you follow john & his "david duke" then me if you're gonna use it.

offense #3, being on a twitter leash. due to me being monitored by my stalkertwit. the # of ladies to the # of men i have on twitter gets me in trouble. participating in certain #trendingtopics (relationships, sex, or #shesofine) gets me in trouble. i've been told a man with a girlfriend isn't allowed to have a sexual opinion about anything to anyone except his chick. it is a way of bragging, advertising, or flirting. because again, remember MEN are only on twitter to get some. *sarcastic typing fingers sound* so a lot of things i would usually say...i can't/don't/won't in order to keep peace with my stalkertwit. i feel it infringes on my right to be my usual witty self. some ppl have the gift of bargain shopping, i have the gift of turning anything into something sexual. let me be me...dammit.

pow....pow pow. #twitterkilling you censors.


Beyond Danielle said...

yes my twitter is constantly censored, one day someone (not mentioning and @name) told me watch who I talk about they could be reading this. Hello it's my twitter I say and write what I'm thinking. And the same @name also corrects all my wrong spelling. Like come one I graduated from Highschool in 99. Maybe my spelling is a lil shaky.

Beyond Danielle said...

you see even my comment has a few bloppers... LOL

xxxx said...

lol i hate that too..dont correct me.. but sometimes i do the same

insushiwetrust said...

can you PLEASE...tell me...what "sarcastic typing sound" sounds like???
LTFOL you are ridiculous for that. & LOL @ the picture.

insushiwetrust said...

oh &...even though some years ago, i got offended at being called "the n word" retrospect i wish i hadn't, because it gave those people so much power over my emotions. i would love to get to the point where the n word has absolutely no effect...the klannest of white ppl could use the word in the most hateful of ways...& just get laughed at like " thought that was gon do something to me?"

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@beyond danielle: lol @ your spelling being a little shaky. my favorite line of the day. i'm not an internet teacher, you aren't being graded, it's cool..

@xxxx: stop correcting folks if you hate it. lol. stop it, Pow.

@insushiwetrust: sarcastic typing sounds like someone stroking the keys yet not stroking the keys..just kinda tapping them then sliding around like on a piano. lol.

and yea being called a "nigger" doesn't really bother me. it's one of those things in the south that has happened, and on more than a few occassions. in fact i was almost called one at the SuperBowl..and THAT instance did kinda urk me. but what drives me crazy is "nigga" being used like it's cool by folks who think they have a "hoodpass" i guess i like ppl who are themselves. anybody with a real "hoodpass" would know that it wasn't cool to do that. that's one of those things if you say it you don't say it in front of your black friends. lol