Thursday, February 25, 2010

#twitterkills thursday #15

remember vinyl? good chance if you we're born after 1982. . . you think it's cheap material they make clothes or chairs out of. remember cassette tapes? good chance if you we're born after 1989 . . . you think it's some kind of adhesive tape. remember bet, mtv, & vh1 when they used to actually play music videos? it was less talk and more music. good chance if you we're born in the 90' probably don't. damn..if you were born in the 90's, you're young as shit. lol

anyway. cassettes tapes killed vinyl. cd's killed cassette tapes. mp3's killed cds. same shit is happening with twitter, facebook, & wackspace (myspace). it is killing texting. kinda like email killed writing letters. no one text or calls anymore. it's like if you see everything on twitter, why do you even have to hit somebody up?

my beef (topic) today is..."when you find out shit on twitter that you should have found out in a more personal way".

if you're sitting on twitter and find out your chick/dude just got a promotion. if you're checking your status and find out your sister just had her baby. if you just won the lottery. if your grandma died. if your mom & dad are getting divorced. if the greatest shit in the world JUST happened to your best friend. or even that your friend is NOT your best friend/girlfriend/boyfriend anymore. like seriously they ended your friendship on twitter and told twitter before they told you. or if you get on and see your chick's new picture is her with another dude. when did it become cool to share in the news with other people first. those used to be special occasions where you'd be the first or second person to know. now depending on your refresh rate & their number of followers you could potentially be the 78th person to know. that fucking sucks!

some people honestly jump on twitter as soon as some awesome shit happens and don't even think about texting their friends anymore. me, my friends can attest..i do all that shit at the same time. i hate hearing news in my text, over the phone, that i've already seen on twitter. i hate that shit. by the time you get to telling me personally i'm over it. like really..."i read that this some new news?".

*running, flipping, sledding. . . my way into your computer.....* POW. or should i say WAKA FLAKA

either way you're dead. #twitterkilling you bitches. tell everyone else first if you want to. i didn't care anyway..


JStar said...

LOL, yea thats not the way to share the news...

Anonymous said...

I found out about my brother's promotion via Facebook :-/ Haven't found about too much BREAKING news via Twitter.

xxxx said...

i feel you... me and my one of my best friends just got into an arguement about this last week cause she got engaged and posted that shit on facebook before she even told anyone. so ignored it and acted like i aint know she calls me asking why i didnt congratulate her.. umm cause if you didnt tell me yourself then its irrelevant and i dont care. its not true in my eyes until you tell me yourself

sunshinestar110 said...

LOL @Waka Flaka comment.

People get so caught up in there virtual lives that they forget how to live real life. I found offending to read about shit like that on twitter when i thought we were friends especially since most of the ppl who follow you don't know you in real life anyway. Breaking up with someone or ending friendships is some punk shiiii...who does that! I take that back I know someone who has done that..grow up handle your business like adults.

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@jstar: def not the best look.

@thedailydoc: see..that's some crazy shit. why you gotta find out with everyone else? tell him to learn how to use a phone again.

@xxxx: crazy shit. i would have ignored that shit too.

@sunshinestar110: waka flaka..yanno you love it. i'm with you, who does that? but believe it or not lots of people do. that's why they need to be killed. lol