Friday, February 12, 2010

Manfive Friday #30

just in time for the lovefest that is valentine's day. here's the third installment of the "insushiwetrust" manfive questions 4-part series.

this week's manfive friday #30 topic: 5 ways to get a guy to push his "freak" boundaries (other than sexless stalemates).

remember when all he had to do was touch you, kiss you, pull you close. when all it took was him grabbing your hand or caressing the small of your back to make you get that tingling sensation. the long nights. slow stroking mornings. and surprising afternoons of sex that had you speaking in tongues, kissing & telling with your girls, and rushing home to get some more. then it got comfortable. and the sex got, well um..boring. or maybe you've been with one of those dudes who has always been boring. who just doesn't rev your engine or get you to that place where you're trying to get all wild with it. the sex has gone into a stalemate and even though you love him, you seriously need a change in the bedroom.

well i'm here to help you ladies out again. maybe you can even try this shit this weekend, since we know the #1 gift you can give a dude for valentine's day is some good ol' fantastic nookie.

5 ways to turn your man into a freaktastic animal...

#5: get creative. . .

i know a big gripe with you ladies is that we tend to be a little selfish & controlling in the bedroom. you start pulling out toys, oils, & feathers and we give you that "wtf" look. yes, we tend to think that all you need is some dick in your life & as long as we're giving it you're getting everything you need. you have to slowly start introducing things into the relationship. start with edible things first. whip cream, icing, chocolate syrup, honey..anything that you can lick off. it's not only a turn on it's very sensual and gets our mind racing about where you're gonna put it. then move to hot & cold: ice, wax, or warming massage oils. after that whips, chains, handcuffs, feathers whatever floats your boat. thing is once you get him going and him into it he'll be anticipating what you'll do next. even if it doesn't increase his stamina at least you've added like 10 minutes of foreplay right?

#4: get adventurous: get wild with it, think outside the bedroom. . .

one of the biggest misconceptions is that all the loving has to happen in the bedroom. i get it, most times when you women think of "making love" it's in the bed. and after a while we get conditioned to thinking that's where the sex happens all the time. that spontaneous part of us goes into hibernation mode and we're no longer thinking outside the box. or in this case the bedroom. there are PLENTY of places we can have sex. PLENTY of places we can touch, grab, & feel. from the kitchen table, counters, up against the fridge, wall, or on the stairs. in the shower, the tub, the couch, or the floor. it doesn't even have to be in the house. climbing into the drivers seat on his lap when yall pull up to the house. pulling his trunks down when yall are in the pool. grabbing his package under the table at a restaurant, the movies, back of a cab. not saying you gotta get all crazy with it in public, just saying that the thrill of doing it in different places brings excitement to the relationship. thinking you want him and you're not afraid to do it: "whenever, wherever...whenever..". will get him giving you that look wherever you go. only problem once you start it, he's gonna be wanting to do it everywhere. be sitting in the pews on sunday, making Jesus shake his head. . .

#3: let go of the rules. . .

some of the most common ones:

"don't touch my hair" - which means no running his fingers through your hair or pulling on it. no sweating it out. no nutting above the neck. no shower, pool, or ocean loving.

"no leaving marks"- no hickies, no bite marks, no spanking..

"no dirty talking during sex"

"no ripping clothes"

a lot of times you aren't maximizing his full freak potential, because you got too many rules. it either takes him out of the his sex game or it puts him into a more bland sex life. it's like getting a gift and you want to rip it open and get to it, but your mom makes you unwrap it slow like you're going to reuse the wrapping paper. sometimes he wants to act on his animalistic instincts but he's being told no. sometimes you gotta let him grab you hair, rip your panties off, bend you over slap that ass, and tell you what he's about to do to you. it doesn't have to be every time, but letting him do shit you don't usually let him do will excite him. it will also give him the feeling that he's in control and there isn't anything off limits. he might give it to you so good, that you might just forget you just got you hair done earlier that day.

#2: talk to him about your fantasies, ask him about his..

women are afraid to tell us what they like sexually. either you think we'll take it the wrong way, look at you differently, or reject you. yet you sit and listen to us ask you to have threesomes, dress up, rub our balls till we go to sleep..whatever the fantasy, fetish, or personal likes & dislikes. you think it's because we're selfish lovers and don't care about what turns you on and what you like. and there are some jerks who are only out for theirs. but for the most part we do want to know what would turn you on. what would make you go crazy. what would totally turn you out. we're willing to do just about anything, as well you should.ask him what he thinks about. when you're talking to him before he gets home ask him what he wants you to meet him at the door in. role playing. sex swings. dominatrix. blow his mind & in return he'll blow your back out.

#1: be into him...pleasing him

i know you ladies like to claim it's ego & maybe a little of it is. but there is nothing like knowing and feeling a chick wants you & wants to feel that intimacy with you. that in itself is one of the biggest turn ons. find out what it is he likes, be in tune with his moans. know what it takes to get him to that point. if something he does turns you on, tell him. don't be afraid to moan or talk to him and let him know you like it. i promise you once a guy thinks he knows what turns you on he'll do it all the time. and i'm sure yall notice that shit too. he does that one move, ALL THE TIME. you think it's his signature move, and maybe it is. but i'm sure at one point or another you made him think you liked it, whether you did or you were just faking. and he tries to recreate it to make you feel good. women tend to act as if sex is one-sided. like yall are doing us a favor and you could be watching "bad girls club" instead of messing around with us. when you get into it. when you get into us. we feel that connection & feel free to explore and try new things. the more you enjoy it, the more you give us. the more we enjoy it, the more we give yall. make him feel like the best lover in the world & he'll try to live up to that title.

yall have a happy valentine's day. . . i dunno if i will.

my valentine's flight got canceled...*update* NOT canceled anymore. *update* canceled AGAIN.


JStar said...

Happy Valentines!

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@Jstar: thanks hope you had a great one as well.

aimes said...

...that flight thing happened to a friend of mine that was suppose to visit. Sucked.

Hope you eventually enjoyed that day! btw: nice to meet ya! lol


tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@aimes: yes it sucks a lot. i did enjoy the day she eventually got down here and we had a great weekend. and nice to meet you too btw. welcome to my spot. i'm bout to go check yours out.