Thursday, August 6, 2009

young chicks are like delicate flowers...

they need to grow the fuck up. lmao. i'm so fucking serious. anyone who knows me, know i have an on going feud with young chicks. this rant is not directed at anyone in particular (or maybe it is..). i'm just saying i have lifted my dating bar to 25. you must be at least 25 to ride on this ride. that's right...i will no longer date chicks in school. i don't care if your in college for your P.HD. if your ass is still going to me after graduation. cause i can't do it. i just can't do that shit!

i admit, i've dealt with my share of young chicks. and when i was younger, that was cool. we we're on the same level. when you're both young 20's you both are foolish. both are still learning, still finding your way.

but once you cross that "grown up threshold" which for guys i think comes a little later (unless you have HUGE responsibilities on you from a young age) you kinda see the world different. i call it my "age of experience". the time where i woke up looked at my life and said..."'s time to stop being young & grow the fuck up". that happened probably around the same time i was looking for a woman to be more than just my girlfriend, fuck buddy, etc. when i wanted more than just hanging with my dudes, going to clubs, & just living life reckless. this age for me was mid 27. i think for women it's usually 25. 25 is when i say women's "young chick" era ends and they become grown ass women. not saying yall can't be mature before then. just saying by about 25..yall have gathered some life experience points that would put you in the same mind frame as me at mid 27. and yall should have GROWN THE FUCK UP by then. let's not confuse this with you wanting the same things i wanted. because you can be 19 and want a family. but think about it. at 19...did you know HALF the shit you knew at 21. just saying real talk. two years, made a hell of a lot of difference right? now think back. at 25 can you not see all the mistakes you made at 21? it only becomes clear with time.

so what makes me upset? when a "young chick" will tell me they are grown. it's like you have NO IDEA what grown is. that's why i can't do the school shit. if you are stressing telling me how "stressed you are cause you got a 5 page paper dude in 10 days". and my ass is sitting here with a 3 year old little boy doing back flips off a bed. do you think that i can relate to your melodrama? HELL FUCKING NO. it's like fuck your paper. you're ass ain't gonna do it till day #10 anyway. your problem is NOT a problem. and i'm just not nice enough to care anymore. i used to be, but now it's like i got real fucking issues. that's like you complaining about going to work after working a 12 hr. shift. and i liken your problem to me not being able to find a toe-nail clipper. it's like are you fucking serious? i need a woman with real problems. i need her to be like...

"yanno...i'm tired as hell i worked all day."

THAT SHIT RIGHT sexy as fuck.

"*sigh* i just finished paying all my bills for the month...i don't have no money"

OMG, i love you. that perfume "responsibility" you have on really turns me on.

"i don't know why she mad....i don't feel like going out hanging out in no club, i don't have time for that shit!" you have time to marry me? cause i def feeling that shit.

i'm saying. young chicks don't say shit like that. they just don't. and if they do, it's followed by a bad behavior. them working all day was their 4hr. shift at their work study job. like they spent all their money paying half their bills (to them the "important" ones: cell phone & past due bills) and the rest shopping. they don't feel like hanging out, nor have time for that shit...tonight. it was a one night only statement.

can't wait to smell that "responsibility" on my stalkertwit. now if we could just stop her from stalking me...that would be SEXY as fuck too. lol.


Beyond Danielle said...

Yeah your right at age 21 I had everything, I paid my own rent, went to school, had a daughter and worked a fulltime job, but I still made it my main objective to go out and have fun. What I really did was bury myself but long story short if I would of known the things I know now I would of sat my butt still and shut the fuck up and listen, instead I partied. I was a rock star. And I felt like my mother, father, and significant other better bow down in my presence because I didn't need them for anything. Now that I'm alone I realize I needed them.

"Stupid is what stupid does"

Ms. Lovely said...

OMG, i love you. that perfume "responsibility" you have on really turns me on.

^^lmao. Ok so i'm 25 and def feeling the need to grow up. I log on to FB and see these lil whipper snappers partyin and bullshyting..and then I realize that was me a few years ago. I mean I still do a lil P&B but right now is all about career time!

PS- I highlighted you on my blog. check it out

Cc.Denise said...

You should just want more from life as you get older. Alot of people are trying so hard to hold on to the past. Why?? The future is so much brighter.

Really feel you on the 'real' problems issue. Luv the post!


Mimi said...

LOL, first time at your spot. This post has got me hooked!

I can't believe I used to think my 4 hour shifts at my work study job were long, when this 8-5 really kicks my butt! These kids don't have real problems, lol

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

danielle: you weren't stupid, just young. and being young gives you a "foolish" pass. you live & you learn..

ms.lovely: again, thank you so much.

Cc.denise:thank you, having kids, spouse, etc. will introduce you to "real problems"

mimi: welcome..and you know work study = being a office aid in highschool, stop tripping lol

~Sheila~ said...

I did a lot of the same things as I was growing up and learning to be responsible. I partied a lot and didn't want to be dealing with much of anything.
Now, it's all about family. I was lucky though. When I met Angel, he wanted a family and he was always a strong provider. Only after we had Devyn and he was old enough to communicate properly did I go to school and get a job. This was a mutual agreement Angel and I had and it worked out well.