Friday, August 14, 2009

ManFive Friday #6

ManFive Friday again! nope i still haven't figured out the format, nothing has just clicked to me. i like the rants, but how is that any different then any of my other post?

i like the questions, but it's a bitch coming up with 5 questions that chicks might wanna hear. i guess i'm gonna continue to freestyle it till i just figure out what it is, so maybe i'll change the name when i figure out what the actually change is going to be. for now i'm gonna continue to experiment.

this weeks topic: why men don't find jealousy attractive.

unlike you women, we don't think it's "cute" that you overreact to us receiving attention from other women. we don't really want you to "fight" for our affections (unless it involves oil, mud, or a wrestling match). you ever wonder why your man didn't tell you he works with a attractive woman everyday? why you had to go to the christmas party and find that shit out. or why he has "friends" you've never met or he rarely talks about. now i'm not talking about a dude who's notorious for cheating on you. i'm not even talking about a dude who would cheat on you. there is a difference between jealousy w/ reason. and jealousy w/o reason. with reason your hatred is fueled by the actions that come with it. it's the ladies who are jealous for no reason. basically insecurities or a threatening feeling is what makes you act a fool. here are five reasons why men hate jealous chicks.

#1. you make it impossible for him to maintain old friendship.

now i'm not talking about being friends with his ex. i'm talking about old friends who have been there for a minute. people who have proven their value in his life. friends who were there longer or just as long as you.

i admit i have a uncanny sexiness about me. i have the ability to go from being that dude you never saw yourself with, to the one you can't see yourself without. that sounds kinda vain, huh? so if you think that sounds vain, why the hell are you assuming every chick thinks that about me? i'll be honest a lot of my girlfriends have come from being my friends. because i guess with my shy nature i never swoop down on chicks and just "holla" at them. but also if you check my track record i don't cheat on women. if you remember back when i was your friend, how i never crossed that line. yes, i may have said some perverted things here & there. but they weren't directed at you or how i wanted to do them with you. so why do you think my conversations with my other female friends are any different. i understand you think that if you fell in love w/ me one day that some other "friend" may fall in love with me. and that's quite possible. but what does that have to do with them being my friend now? it's a show of distrust not for them as you claim, but towards me. trust me to deal with them if they come at me sideways. after all you have male friends. what makes your friends so much better and trustworthy than mine?

#2. you make it impossible for him to be honest w/o there being a fight.

ever been watching something on tv, and a half naked girl appears on screen. first thing you hear is, "oh, you liked that huh?". i'm saying, what if i did? i am a man. i like to see half naked chicks. in fact i'd love it if you got half naked and let me see you do that shit right now. there is nothing wrong with looking. women do it all the time. i already told you, i can't even wear jogging pants anymore due to grown ass women hawking my package.

but let me take this to a grown up level. when a guy tells you that a chick from his past has hit him up. he is taking a step to let you know that he's been in contact with someone you consider suspect. if i call you up and tell you my ex did something for me, why are you mad at me? why do i have to have been dealing with her for her to have thought about me? like when your ex sends you flowers on your birthday. or his mama is sending you cards and shit, that's cool. that some shit i don't hear about till days later. as soon as i get off the phone, read the email, or walk away..i'm texting & calling you updating you on shit. why if i'm telling you, do you then make me sorry i did? if i'm not doing anything suspect i don't OWE you that courtesy. i could just keep it to myself. but if i'm trying to be honest with you, you can't make me regret telling you shit.

#3. you make it impossible for him to go anywhere.

if every time i wanna go out it's a problem. then i have a problem with you. i'm a grown ass man. i've had my clubbing phase. i've had my wild days. i'm not into that. i have a child that I keep 5 days a week myself. so if i wanna go out one night with my boys what the hell is the problem? i hate when chicks assume that you going out is you looking for chicks. especially chicks who go out all the damn time themselves. if you come home with a story about how you talked to a dude for you girl EVERY TIME you go out. then why do you assume that i think you're sitting there alone wanting to come home. i know you're around dudes, i know you're attractive and people are going to hit on you. no, that's not my favorite thought, but at the same time i'm not hiding in alleys jumping dudes for talking to you. i can't talk to a chick in the grocery store w/o there being a "why you laughing?...i can't believe you're flirting with her while i'm on the phone". are you serious? i got preparation H & gas X on the conveyor belt. you really think she trying to come home with me?

#4. you make it impossible for him to even deal with you.

talking to a chick who is jealous is like talking to a mad dog. you see the foam in the mouth. the daggers shooting from her eyes. you wanna say..."bitch chill.." but you know that'll just escalate the problem. we can't even have a conversation if you're sitting there mad at me. you're steady mad at me and calling me like a crazy person trying to check my location and i'm ignoring the fuck out of you cause your crazy. how is that gonna work?

#5. you make it impossible for him to be with you.

the difference between #4 & #5 is even after ignoring you there can be resolution met. but if your insecurities are that deep. if you can't act like a "grown up". i just can't be with you. it's annoying and aggravating having to answer to someone else. especially when they are only mad due to their personal insecurities. i can't fix, what's wrong with you. i also can't deal with someone who can't get it together. you need to focus in on what the real problem is, and fix it for yourself. or you'll be less = me.


dejanae said...

came over from mslovely's spot
interesting read

~Sheila~ said...

The drama I had to deal with coming from Angel early in our marriage about his jealousy issues.
I couldn't go anywhere, talk to anyone, do anything. I had kids so what exactly was I planning to do?
Well, those jealously issues were tearing us apart. We finally had a talk and decided that we were adults and that we shouldn't be telling each other what to do like children.
The jealousy slowly subsided and the trust, love and family relationship finally busted through.
Now, life is much better. I can go where I want and he can go where he wants.
He knows I'm never going to leave him or seek out someone else for anything else so we're good.

Believe's a process.

xxxx said...

jealousy in unattractive on a guy so i can just imagine how they view females when they act the same way... i believe jealousy is fueled by insecurities... its not cute

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@dejanae: thanks & welcome.

@sheila: jealousy isn't cool on either end. i'm not a jealous type dude, unless i honestly know there is a reason to be. and at that point it isn't about me checking up on you moreso then me confronting you for some shit you shouldn't have been doing.

@xxxx: welcome to you as well. and jealousy is not cute at all. in fact it's so ugly it's almost grounds for immediate dismissal.