Monday, August 17, 2009

short man discrimination...

it's running rampant. and it needs to stop. i have been a card carrying member of the "short man" club for at least 20 years. i say only 20 because before puberty i was pretty tall. i just missed the growth bus, that all the other boys (and girls) jumped on without me.

yea, as a teenager i had a small complex. only because that's when "sticks & stones" have nothing on words when it comes to hurting you. fortunately for me i had a girlfriend who liked me for me, so it wasn't about "not having chicks". it was moreso used as a way for more insecure guys to pick on me. once i learned that it was insecurity on their part i was able to get over it and not really let it bother me. but then came the bigger problem...

me & my girlfriend broke up. i was instantly thrusted into a world where height was more important then the person you were. it sounds like a short bitter man's perspective, but it's very true. it's just like race, it's something you can't change or should be ashamed up. yet, any guy under 5"11 has heard at least one woman say, "i don't date guys under 6ft.". then you look at her standing 5'1, like are you fucking kidding me? i realize to women height = security. yall want a big tall man who can protect you. yet, you'll see a 200lb female with a dude 6ft tall dude who's 140lbs. yea, he's taller than you, but um..i'd bet on your ass in a street fight. height doesn't make you more of a man, nor does the lack of it make you less of one.

all i need is for you ladies to get on board. stop all of this tall dude shit. you realize how many good dudes you have potentially passed over due to your discrimination? i've dated chicks of all heights. i've dated women shorter than me, same height as me, as well as taller. and despite their original thoughts on it, none of them have had any problems once they work through their own insecurity. how can you ask constantly why a man can't look at you for who you are instead of judging you by you physical attributes, but you're guilty of the same thing? before i could even say something to one woman she told me i was too short for her. i'm saying chick, what if i was gonna ask you for the time?

what if i said..." "oh one of your titties is 3x bigger than the other one".

is that a reason to not talk to you? it's like get off yourself. i understand it's a preference thing. you want a guy who's at least your height or a little taller. just like you'd want one dark skin (cause everyone know a chick can't even give us light skin brother's any love cause if you don't say dark skin you "don't love yourself"). if you want a brother all cut up, instead of moderately sloppy. i'm not gonna fault you ladies for being superficial. i'm just saying...don't count the short brothers out. just like we deal with yall being fat (when yall still calling it thick 29 lbs later). why yall can't love us the same?


~Sheila~ said...


Naw, I know what you are saying. I used to have some of those preferences. THEN it came down to knowing/choosing the man who was best WITH me as well as FOR me. Regardless of his "issues".
Some guys still question why I'm with him.

In the end, you learn that it's all just superficial crap keeping you from being happy.

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

now yanno who told me about your titties. lol

i'm glad you could see past the superficial, because again..women who are stuck on that preference shit lose sight of what love is suppose to be about.