Monday, August 10, 2009

some things you just don't fuck w/ a month before they expire..

yanno when you're thinking about that special someone. and you're counting down the days till you're gonna get some of that "special" love. and it's been a minute since you had some of that "special" stuff. then out of no where, you being like a boyscout and trying to "be prepared" you look at the box and see the expiration date is for next month.

it's almost like yanno them shits are always popping, breaking, tearing, etc. anyway. but if they're about to expire makes you think they just gonna evaporate in the middle of you having sex.

sorry trojan, i don't fucks w/ you like that. some things are negotiable, you my friend...are not.


Cc.Denise said...

Damn, how long have you had those condoms?!?!? I think it's time to re-up!!

Ms. Lovely said...

Magnum XL? uhhh ummmmm. sheesh.

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

Cc.Denise: apparently too damn long. be telling this chick she need to donate some "feline" to the needy.don't worry tho, i'm re-uping!

Ms.Lovely: didn't mean to scare

~Sheila~ said...

Can't help but remember that tweet I sent you about them.
Honestly. You really need to stop playing with the stuff in the stores and go back to the boys department.

AND, you're right, tho. I wouldn't want to be risking it with nearly expired anything.