Wednesday, March 16, 2011

lunchtime meeting...

12' o clock. here alone. texting you...

wish that you would come over, to my desk

after while, let me know

we can keep talking bout the last time...

you were here, what we did

no work till, 1'o clock

only rug burns & paper cuts, you didn't mind

girl i hope you hurry, 'cause

i'm so....anxious. 
my lunch hour's almost over
i need you to come over

said i'm so.....anxious
my boss left at right now you need to hurry

girl i'm so....anxious. 
come give me some affection
i'm down for office sexing  [ "so anxious" tha unpretentious narcissist remix]

i walk in your office. you're sitting down in your chair. you're still on the phone, i guess i should have knocked. 
i close the door, shut the shades, make sure the door's locked. 
i look at you, you see me. and end your conversation. 
you move closer, i move closer without hesitation. 
all we got is 60 minutes, so i'ma make it fast
yea 60 minutes is fast, cause i tend to make it last
on the desk, in the chair, or up against the wall
you don't have to pick, baby...
we can do them all
knocking over papers, clothes everywhere...

i bet your co-workers know my name
way you screaming, scratching, yelling
bet your co-workers know my name
they be knocking while we sexing..
i bet they all know my name....
my name, my name, name
i bet they all know my name
my, my, my name..

"neighbors know my name" [ tha unpretentious narcissist remix]


Anonymous said...

mmm sexy. =]

lovely said...

me & my boo got in a lunch time quickie @ his job last was EXCELLENT

Anonymous said...

*side eyeing* you and your "remixes" lol

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

This makes me jealous...I want a lunchtime meeting lol

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...


@lovely: stop bragging..

@luvlymskrissy: stop remixes are boss

@starrla monae: i want a lunchtime meeting too. my girl would shit a brick if i showed up at her job. she'd be looking for the bullet holes or stab wounds..cause there would have to have been an